Council Leader statement re UNISON and Joint Consultative Committee

 06 September 2017  |  

Council Leader Douglas Campbell

Council Leader Douglas Campbell

South Ayrshire Council Leader, Councillor Douglas Campbell, has issued a statement following a meeting of the South Ayrshire Council Joint Consultative Committee today (6 September).

Councillor Campbell said: "As Chair of the South Ayrshire Council Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) – which is the main forum that brings together Council and trade union representatives – I am deeply concerned about the decision of UNISON representatives who have today withdrawn from this important consultative forum. This now leaves many UNISON members without a voice in the way the Council organises our service delivery to residents, or with regards to employees' terms and conditions.
"UNISON had proposed to bring forward a presentation today under the banner of 'partnership working', which related specifically to the review of Employee and Customer Services that was approved by Leadership Panel in June of this year and is in the process of being implemented.

"Following extensive consultation between Council officers and the trade unions while the review progressed, Councillors met with UNISON in advance of the Leadership Panel meeting, made changes as a result of this, and then approved the proposals, which are now being implemented in line with Council policies and have had no detrimental impact on the employees involved.

"On that basis, I did not consider the proposed presentation – which was incorrectly put forward by UNISON as being on behalf of all our trade union organisations – at today's JCC relevant or appropriate.

"It seems to have been an excuse for UNISON to simply walk away, rather than sitting down and properly representing its members.

"However, that was UNISON's decision and my thanks to the other trade union representatives who stayed on to continue our discussions."