Closing the Gap for Young People

 30 September 2020  |  

The best start in life

The best start in life

South Ayrshire community planning partners have published their annual review of services for children, young people and families during 2019-20.

We want to make sure that every child and young person in South Ayrshire can achieve their potential. In 2017 we made 5 commitments to the young people of South Ayrshire. These are set out in our Community Planning Partnership Children's Services plan.

We pledged to:

Give young people the best start in life – making South Ayrshire the best place to grow up;

Treat young people equally no matter their background;

Support care experienced children and young people to be the best they can be;

Provide opportunities to be healthy, both mentally and physically;

Listen to children and young people and hear what they tell us.

These commitments drive our planning for the future and underpin the work we and our partners do every day with children, young people and families.

Our Children's Services Annual Report for 2019/20 highlights some of the key things we have done to make a difference to young people across South Ayrshire.

Church of Scotland representative for South Ayrshire Council Leadership Panel, Rev. David Gemmell said: "The professionalism of teachers and school staff across South Ayrshire is incomparable, and this shines through in the Children's Services Annual Report. Since their return to school in August, they have been working harder than ever to keep our young people safe and learning.

"From school staff who ensure our young people get the best start in life, to Waste Management staff who make sure our bins are collected each week - Local Authorities play a crucial role in our day to day lives. This has become even more apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I think it's extremely important that council employees receive the credit they deserve."

Parent representative for South Ayrshire Council Leadership Panel, Euan Terras said: "The content and layout of the Children's Services Annual Report is very informative, clear and concise, and I'd encourage South Ayrshire parents and carers to take a look at it.

"The use of graphics and statistics make it very easy to follow, allowing us to see at a glance how our children are doing, and find out about just some of the fantastic work that is going on in schools across South Ayrshire."

Leader of South Ayrshire Council, Councillor Peter Henderson said: "It's our priority to give children the best start in life and make South Ayrshire a great place to grow up. I'm therefore thrilled with the progress that has been made so far to close the gap and support our young people to realise their ambitions.

"I'd like to extend my thanks to all partners in the Children's Services Planning group for their hard work and dedication. Their achievements really are second to none.

"Of course I must make special mention of our young people, without whom we couldn't have made the progress which shines through in this report. I'd like to express my gratitude to them and especially those who took the time to have their voices heard. They really are a credit to South Ayrshire."

You can view the full report at