Children get creative with single use plastics

 05 September 2018  |  

Children in Barassie show off their single use bottles

Children in Barassie show off their single use bottles

During the recent school holidays children across South Ayrshire got creative when it came to recycling plastic. 

Bottles of water were given to children as part of the Council's holiday lunch programme and with 11,000 healthy free lunches delivered in North Ayr, Girvan, Barassie and Maybole, that's a lot of plastic.

Some of the children decided to do their bit to help the Council recycle the plastic and over the course of the holidays, they did just that.

Children at Barassie and Cairn Primary schools collected their empty bottles to use as plant and vegetable feeders at local allotments. By doing this over a number of weeks, the children helped recycle hundreds of single use plastic bottles. The children also decided to get re-usable water bottles which can be washed out and filled up with fresh tap water each day.

In Girvan, children helped Glendoune Community Association turn the bottom of empty bottles into poppies which will be displayed to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War I.

Councillor Ian Cochrane, Sustainability and the Environment Portfolio Holder for South Ayrshire Council said: "The Council is committed to eliminating the use of single use plastics over the next 4 years and it's fantastic to know that schools and perhaps more importantly children and young people are supporting this initiative too."

The Head Teacher of Barassie primary, Linda Clarkson said: "The children are fully behind our commitment to reduce single use plastics and they are already filling up their reusable water bottles inside and outside of school. We're an Eco School so there's already good awareness about protecting the environment but we are always keen to do more to safeguard the planet for the children and future generations."

Thanks to everyone that made the holiday lunches programme possible and to everyone involved in recycling the plastic bottles.