Access to Free Sanitary Products in South Ayrshire

 19 September 2019  |  

Supporting the campaign

Supporting the campaign

From libraries to activity centres there are now lots of places across South Ayrshire to pick up free sanitary products.

South Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership has distributed free items to libraries, housing offices, council buildings and halls, community centres, activity centres, selected public toilets and Customer Service Centres.

The campaign supports the  Scottish Government's commitment to  increasing the number and range of places where free sanitary products are available for anyone who menstruates.

The partnership is encouraging people to help themselves  to the free products or take a 'wee white bag' which will contain a small supply of sanitary products.

The products being used to support this campaign are from a company called 'Hey Girls', a social enterprise company using sustainable and environmentally safe products.

Councillor Douglas Campbell, Leader of South Ayrshire Council said: "South Ayrshire is proud to be supporting this important campaign aimed at challenging the stigma around period poverty."

Councillor Laura Brennan-Whitefield, Chair of the Equalities Forum said: "This is a positive campaign which will address gender equality and dignity issues that affect all of those who menstruate, regardless of income."

For a full list of locations, please click here.