New Recycling - FAQ's

Why the need for change?

We’re currently changing the way South Ayrshire recycles, with two new smaller bins being introduced between October 2018 and April 2019 to increase the amount and quality of recycling collected, while also reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

South Ayrshire Council signed-up to the national Household Recycling Charter in 2016, which is designed to introduce a consistent approach to recycling across Scotland. The Scottish Government is introducing a ban on items such as food waste going to landfill from January 2021.

More than 20,000 tonnes of household waste is sent to landfill every year which leads to increased costs to the public expense. At present large quantities of recyclable materials and food waste are placed in general waste bins.

To improve South Ayrshire’s current household recycling rate of 55.2%, new ways of collecting materials are being put in place. Supported by Zero Waste Scotland, the Council is introducing an enhanced collection schedule between October 2018 and April 2019.

This introduces two new smaller bins for ‘Paper, Card and Cardboard’, and ‘Glass Bottles and Jars’, while the existing blue bins will be used for ‘Metals, Plastics and Cartons’. The new system will deliver cleaner, separate materials that can be sold on to specialist companies, providing additional income to support public services.

So will I have more bins than at present?

Yes, all households will have an extra two bins delivered, one 140 litre bin for glass only and one 180 litre bin for paper and card. The green and brown bins that you have will still be used in the same way as now. The blue bin you have which is currently used for co-mingled recycling will be used for metal, plastics and cartons.

What does this mean for my bin collections?

For householders in South Ayrshire this will mean that waste will be collected in the following way:

New Grey bin Paper, Card and Cardboard emptied every 4 weeks
New Purple lidded bin Glass Bottles and Jars            emptied every 6 weeks
Blue bin Metal, Plastics and Cartons emptied every 4 weeks
Food caddy Food only emptied weekly
Green bin Non-recyclable waste emptied every 3 weeks
Brown bin Garden waste emptied every 4 weeks
(March to November)

When will the new collection system begin?

The new collection service will start in Girvan in October 2018, and on a phased basis will be fully in place by April 2019. The second phase of the programme will see the system introduced to postcodes in Ayr Mossblown and Prestwick in November 2018. More details on the rest of the project will be released nearer the time.

Will I get a new collection calendar?

Yes. Each household will get an information pack detailing what goes in each bin and a colour calendar.

When will I get the new bins?

Delivery of your new bins is scheduled to start in September 2018 in the south area which will include Girvan. Collections for these areas will commence in October 2018. All other areas will then be rolled out in stages between November 2018 and March 2019. Households will be kept fully informed through social media/ local media/ and information sessions. All households will also be informed by letter when the delivery/ collections start for their property. New collection calendars will be enclosed in this letter and will also be available on the council’s website.

Will my collection days change?

The new system will not mean a change of collection day for your property. It will mean though that you need to present different bins on these days than you were used to doing previously.

Where does the money for this come from?

A successful bid was made by the council for funding from the Scottish Government, through Zero Waste Scotland, which allows us to make the required changes to waste collection services to aim to increase recycling and also to meet the targets that have been set with regards to waste reduction. South Ayrshire Council will be the first local authority in Scotland to use this collection system.

My green bin will be full before the 3 weekly collections

The majority of households will have enough capacity in each of the bins if they use them correctly. A compositional analysis was undertaken on South Ayrshire’s green bin waste. The results showed that 67% of the waste in the green bin was recyclable or compostable (35% of which was food waste). Waste Aware staff will be available to provide advice on recycling.

Can I present extra waste beside the bin for collection?

No side waste will be collected. Additional waste can be disposed of at recycling centres. Where required an extra recycling bin can be provided. A 2nd green bin is by application only and based on family size or health care needs.

What if I don’t have room for the additional bins?

The 2 additional bins are narrower than the green, blue and brown bins so our research shows that the majority of properties will have enough room to store these bins. Householders may wish to share bins with a neighbour. Alternatively, a 140L bin could be offered (only where households could manage with the reduced capacity).

Communal bins will be considered where genuine bin storage is an issue. Specific surveys will be undertaken the waste aware team assess the need for this. If you do have concerns about this, then your property will be surveyed by a member of the Waste Management team to provide advice and find the best solution.

What if I simply don’t want the extra bins?

The current collection system will no longer be in use; therefore putting all recycling materials in your blue bin will no longer be an option. As part of the new collection system all waste streams will be collected separately to maximise recycling and aim to reduce waste sent to landfill sites.

I am too busy (or don’t want) to recycle

We all have a duty to manage our own waste correctly using Council’s waste collection bins in the correct manner, including for food waste. Green bin collections will move to 3 weekly – no side waste will be removed. Contaminated bins (i.e. bins containing the wrong materials) won’t be collected. Waste Aware will be available to provide advice to assist householders to recycle properly.

Is it a legal requirement to recycle?

Yes, in accordance with the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012.

Section 46(4) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 requires householders to use the bins or containers provided by the Council for waste and recycling collections, and for the householder to place the correct waste materials in the correct bins.

I have an assisted collection at the moment. What will happen after the changes?

If you have an assisted collection nothing will change. Please be aware though that you will have different bins to use for different waste streams. This will be explained before the new system is in place and if you have any queries or issues you can contact Waste Management on 0300 123 0900 for advice.

I live in a flat, will I get the new bins?

If you live in a flat but have your own wheelie bins, then you will get new bins delivered. If you use communal bins then new separate stream recycling communal bins will be provided. There will be town centre and flatted communal areas where there may be issues with storage provision for the new bins. These areas will be assessed on an individual basis to decide the best way to provide the new service.

Can I share bins with my neighbour to save space?

We plan to deliver new bins to all properties within South Ayrshire, however if you think sharing is an option please call us on 0300 123 0900 to discuss a suitable solution.

Can I get a smaller bin?

140L bins are available for green, blue and brown bins. If customers do not generate a lot of waste and could manage with a reduced capacity, waste aware team can assist / assess.

What should I do with household batteries and small Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)?

Please continue to take these items to our Recycling Centres at Ayr, Troon, Maybole and Girvan.

Will my brown garden waste bin be affected by the changes?

No, brown bin collections will not change. This service operates between the months of March and November and by request December to February.

The grey bin for paper, card and cardboard will be blown over in high winds

As with current blue bins, strong winds could occasionally topple the recycling bins. Flat packing cardboard will allow the bin to be utilised to its full capacity and presenting your bin alongside your neighbours will help to secure the bin and its contents.

During times of extreme high winds or gales, householders may prefer to wait until the next collection before presenting their bins.

The glass bin will be full before 6 weeks and/or heavy to move

This is a 140L bin so smaller than other bins. The bin has 2 wheels the same as the other bins. Our trials show that there is enough capacity within this bin for most households. Additional recycling bins can be provided where necessary.

The glass collections will be noisy

To minimise disruption we will aim to collect glass on the early shift only.

Will my sack collections change?

If you currently present your waste in South Ayrshire provided sacks, you will receive a new supply of recycling sacks before the service commences in your area. You will be required to separate your recycling waste into Paper, Card and Cardboard Sacks (grey striped) and Metals, Plastics and Cartons Sacks (blue striped). For glass disposal, we can provide you with a 140L bin which will be collected 6 weekly, or you can take it to your nearest communal facility and we can provide a bag for life to help you with this.