South Ayrshire’s new recycling system 2018-19

We’re currently changing the way South Ayrshire recycles, with two new smaller bins being introduced between October 2018 and April 2019 to increase the amount and quality of recycling collected, while also reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

South Ayrshire Council signed-up to the national Household Recycling Charter in 2016, which is designed to introduce a consistent approach to recycling across Scotland. The Scottish Government is introducing a ban on items such as food waste going to landfill from January 2021.

More than 20,000 tonnes of household waste is currently sent to landfill every year, which leads to increased costs to the public expense. At present large quantities of recyclable materials and food waste are placed in general waste bins.

To improve South Ayrshire’s current household recycling rate of 55.2%, new ways of collecting materials are being put in place. Working with Zero Waste Scotland, the Council is introducing an enhanced collection schedule between October 2018 and April 2019.

This introduces two new smaller bins* for ‘Paper, card and cardboard’, and ‘Glass Bottles and Jars’, while the existing blue bins will be used for ‘Metals, plastics and cartons’. Your ‘Non-recyclable’ green bin be collected every three weeks. The new system will deliver cleaner, separate materials that can be sold on to specialist companies, providing additional income to support public services.

The new look system includes:

  • *Paper, card and cardboard (new 180L GREY bin, collected every four weeks)
  • *Glass Bottles and Jars (new 140L BLACK bin with PURPLE lid, collected every six weeks)
  • Metals, plastics, cartons (240L BLUE bin, collected every four weeks)
  • Non-recyclable waste (240L GREEN bin, collected every three weeks)
  • Food waste (23L caddy, collected every week)
  • Garden waste (240L BROWN bin from 46,000 households every four weeks)

Your neighbourhood

Girvan will be the first area to go live in October 2018. If your area is about to start using the service we will already have contacted you. If you want to find out when the new service comes to your community please use the postcode finder below:

Every household in South Ayrshire will be sent full details of how the new service will operate, including collection calendars, while a series of road shows will let people put their questions to Council staff.

Further announcements on the new recycling programme will be made available on this website later in the year.

For more information please refer to our frequently asked questions. If you would like to ask additional questions please contact customer services on 0300 123 0900 or email

More information

Recycling roadshows