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Council management team

South Ayrshire Council is an ambitious and forward-looking organisation that serves people and communities from Barassie in the north of the area to Ballantrae in the south.

The Council is made up of 28 elected members or Councillors who were elected in May 2017. The Councillors form the political part of the Council and are responsible for policy decision-making on all services delivered by the Council.

The operational part of the Council is made up of more than 5,000 employees who work to provide the best possible services to people and communities across South Ayrshire. These employees are led by the Council’s Chief Executive, Eileen Howat.

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The Council has four main service areas:

Chief Executive - Eileen Howat

Chief Executive - Eileen Howat

Eileen Howat, Chief Executive, is head of the Council’s paid – or operational – service with overall responsibility for the effective and efficient management of the organisation, working to make sure that our aims and policy objectives are successfully achieved.

The Chief Executive provides corporate leadership, direction and vision at a strategic level and works closely with elected members of the council, its administration and various panels on all matters of governance, policy and regulation.

The Chief Executive leads the corporate management team (CMT) and works with executive directors/directors to promote a positive culture, ensure continuous improvement in the delivery of public services and make strong links with partners and the wider South Ayrshire community.

Where necessary, the Chief Executive acts as the lead officer in the event of a major civil emergency and also performs the duties of returning officer during elections.

The Chief Executive’s office consists of Policy and Performance, Internal Audit and Business Improvement.

Tel: 01292 612612

Economy, Neighbourhood and Environment

Executive Director of Economy, Neighbourhood and Environment

Executive Director of Economy, Neighbourhood and Environment - Lesley Bloomer

Head of Housing and Facilities

Head of Housing and Facilities - David Burns

David Burns

Tel: 01292 613079

Housing and Facilities is responsible for managing the Council’s housing stock, sheltered housing and supported accommodation, and ensures quality homes and accommodation are available, working closely with tenants to ensure they are supported throughout their tenancies. The service is also responsible for Property Maintenance, providing a responsive repairs service as well as servicing and improvement works to around 8,100 Council houses and 140 public buildings. The service provides the Council’s catering, cleaning, janitorial and school crossing patrol services through Facilities Management.

Head of Enterprise, Development and Leisure

Head of Enterprise, Development and Leisures - Jill Cronin

Jill Cronin

Tel: 01292 612473

Enterprise, Development and Leisure is responsible for the Council’s sport, leisure and golf facilities as well as libraries and museums, providing residents and visitors with a variety of ways to get active and healthy as well as enjoy quality leisure time. It provides the lead for economic development activities, providing business and entrepreneurial support – including the Ambition enterprise and employment programme – and supports tourism sector development, making South Ayrshire a ‘go to’ destination in conjunction with the Ayrshire & Arran Tourism Team. The service works to bring investment into South Ayrshire and supports businesses in South Ayrshire’s five main towns. It’s also responsible for managing the development and use of land through the statutory planning system, encouraging sustainable economic development and ensuring development takes place in the right way at the right locations.

Head of Communities

Head of Communities - Claire Monaghan

Claire Monaghan

Tel: 01292 612757

The Communities service works with community councils, voluntary and community groups to help them get things done in their local area and supports them to be effective. It also works to address community safety and antisocial behaviour issues in local areas, focusing on prevention and early intervention. The service also links with other Council services to ensure an effective and consistent approach to how the Council consults and engages with local people. It also provides the lead for community planning – the process by which the Council and its partner organisations, including community, voluntary, private and other public sector organisations (like the police, fire and NHS), work together to plan and deliver services that make a difference for local people.

The service provides community-based learning opportunities for adults and young people that improve life chances and build stronger, more resilient communities. It also administers the Council’s Financial Support for Voluntary Organisations grants scheme, which provides funding support to the voluntary sector in South Ayrshire and oversees the Ayrshire LEADER Programme, which provides funding support to address the key priorities of rural Ayrshire.

Head of Neighbourhood Services

Head of Communities - Mike Newall

Mike Newall

Tel: 01292 616231

Neighbourhood Services provides a waste management service across South Ayrshire, providing collection, disposal and recycling services for both household and commercial waste. It also leads on education and enforcement in relation to litter.

The service works to ensure the Council’s open spaces – including parks, gardens and estates – are attractive, clean and well-kept for the enjoyment of both visitors and residents alike. And it’s responsible for the Council’s burial and cremation service, managing the award-winning Masonhill Crematorium and maintaining all 47 cemeteries and churchyards across South Ayrshire.

It acts on behalf of consumers and businesses – through Trading Standards – providing advice and support to those buying, selling, or renting/hiring goods and services and helping them obtain redress where consumer rights have been breached.

It’s also responsible for all environmental health issues, including food safety and standards, occupational health and safety, and public health, including air quality, dog fouling, and pollution control.

Through Building Standards, the service is responsible for the independent checking of building warrants to construct, extend, demolish or convert buildings, and for the acceptance of completion certificates. It deals with dangerous buildings; street naming and numbering; and safety certificates for sports grounds.

Neighbourhood Services also ensures all Council-owned vehicles remain road-worthy and adhere to statutory requirements, and leads on delivering the Council’s commitment to sustainable development and climate change, including reducing energy and cost savings.

Educational Services

Director of Educational Services

Director of Educational Services - Douglas Hutchison

Douglas Hutchison

Tel: 01292 612234

Educational Services works to ensure all children and young people in South Ayrshire are safe, healthy, active, nurtured, achieving, respected, responsible and included, so they become confident and successful with the necessary skills for learning, life and work. The service provides education to more than 14,000 pupils at 41 primary schools, eight secondary schools, two special schools and five supported learning centres in mainstream schools. Pre-school provision is provided through three nursery schools, 31 nursery classes and 11 partnership nurseries. Five breakfast clubs, five out-of-school care services, two holiday clubs and a crèche service with eight crèche programmes are also provided.

Pupil attainment and achievement is further enhanced through Active Schools, Psychological Services, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Music and Instrumental Service, Outdoor Learning/Dolphin House and specialist teaching provision in Modern Languages, Physical Education and Additional Support Needs.

Resources, Governance and Organisation

Executive Director of Resources, Governance and Organisation

Executive Director of Resources, Governance and Organisation - Valerie Andrews

Valerie Andrews

  • Monitoring officer

Tel: 01292 612466

Resources, Governance and Organisation provides many of the ‘back office’ functions required to support service delivery across the Council such as finance, Information and Computer Technology, legal services, property and human resources. It’s also responsible for managing first points of contact with the Council through the customer service centres and the customer service phone line, 0300 123 0900.

Head of Finance and ICT

Head of Finance and ICT - Tim Baulk

Tim Baulk

Tel: 01292 612620

Finance and ICT’s responsibilities include the proper planning and control of the Council’s financial resources, establishing budgets and co-ordinating and monitoring all Council spend. The service also supports and develops the computer infrastructure and systems required by all Council services and provides advice and guidance on computer use, information security and information management.

The service is responsible for the billing and collection of Council Tax, business rates, housing benefit overpayments and the recovery of miscellaneous income due to the Council. It also administers Housing Benefit, Discretionary Housing Payments, Community Care Grants and Council Tax Reduction.

Head of Property and Risk

Head of Property and Risk - Donald Gillies

Donald Gillies

Tel: 01292 612839

Property and Risk leads on the Council’s risk management, health and safety and insurance arrangements and supports all Council services in managing these areas of work. It co-ordinates business continuity arrangements, ensuring the resilience and recovery of critical Council services in the event of an adverse incident, and includes the Ayrshire Civil Contingencies team (a shared service with East and North Ayrshire Councils) to provide a response service in the event of civil emergencies.

The service is also responsible for managing all the Council’s property assets, leading on maintenance and improvements and providing design service for new-build, alteration and adaptation works.

Head of Employee and Customer Services

Head of Employee and Customer Services - Kate O'Hagan

Kate O'Hagan

Tel: 01292 612696

The service delivers human resources and payroll services across the Council, dealing with all pay and personnel-related matters, and includes organisational development, which works to develop employees’ skills and knowledge to ensure they deliver the best possible services at all times.

The service also plays a lead role in supporting youth and adult employability, helping people of all backgrounds and ages find jobs, and works with school partnerships to increase the percentage of school leavers that go on to positive destinations such as work, training or education.

Head of Legal and Democratic Services

Head of Employee and Customer Services - Ralph Riddiough

Ralph Riddiough

Tel: 01292 612245

Legal and Democratic Services is responsible for all legal advice, support and assistance provided across the Council and deals with all relevant licensing applications, Freedom of Information requests and complaints. It also leads on all Council procurement, providing advice and support to ensure the goods and services bought by the Council provide best value and meet all relevant requirements.

The service is responsible for supporting South Ayrshire’s 30 Councillors and supporting the decision-making structure, which includes Council and Panel meetings. It also co-ordinates the administration and management of elections and referenda, with the Chief Executive as Returning or Counting Officer.

Health and Social Care - South Ayrshire Partnership

Director of Health and Social Care – South Ayrshire Partnership

Director of Health and Social Care – South Ayrshire Partnership - Tim Eltringham

Tim Eltringham

Tel: 01292 612419

The Health and Social Care – South Ayrshire Partnership came into being in April 2015 and brings together the social work and health services previously delivered separately by the Council and NHS Ayrshire & Arran.

The Partnership provides social work services – including assessment and support – for vulnerable adults, children and people in the criminal justice system. Support can include the likes of foster care for children unable to live at home, supported accommodation for people with a learning disability or personal care delivered by home care services to older people. The Partnership is committed to reducing the use of hospital services for older people and ensuring our children and young people are safe, healthy, active, nurtured, achieving, respected, responsible and included.

Head of Community Health and Care Services

Director of Educational Services - Ken Leinster

Kenny Leinster

Tel: 01292 612735

Community Health and Care Services works to protect adults and older people and supports people to live at home safely and securely. The service ensures there is a wide range of support available to reduce the need for people to be admitted to hospital and, where this is unavoidable, ensures people are able to return home as quickly as possible. Through the Alcohol and Drug Partnership, the service works to support people in recovery from alcohol and drug misuse and provides advice and information about the effects and dangers of alcohol and drug misuse.

Head of Children’s Health Care and Criminal Justice

Head of Children’s Health Care and Criminal Justice - Paula Godfrey

Paula Godfrey

Tel: 01292 612244

Children’s Services takes the leading role in child protection, working in partnership to ensure all children have the best opportunities available. The service looks after and supports those children and young people in greatest need and supports them through to adulthood as required. Working within a strict legal framework, Criminal Justice supervises offenders, prepares court reports and works with partners to reduce offending in South Ayrshire.

Policy and Performance

Head of Policy and Performance

Head of Policy and Performance - Mark Baker

Mark Baker

Tel: 01292 612354

Policy and Performance provides a wide range of services, with a strong focus on strategic issues, business improvement, performance, equalities, research and communications, including the Council website. It supports services and directorates in developing and producing the Council Plan and Service Improvement Plans and managing performance throughout the Council. The service includes the new Business Improvement Team, which works to support modernisation and improvement across the Council.

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