About the Well

The legend of Bruce's Well

Popular legend tells of how one day Robert I (1306-29), the King of Scots, tired from fighting and having developed a form of facial disease (suggested by some to be leprosy), came to that place known as Kincase. Sticking his spear in the sand he sank wearily to the ground and fell asleep. He awoke to discover that fresh water had welled up through the sand. He drank from it and found himself much improved. He endowed the site as a hospital for up to eight Lepers known as a Lazar House.

The well (behind railings in photo) is lined with stone and was kept in good order right into the 20th century. The site was restored in 1912 as recorded on the brass plaque. Before 1834 'mounds over graves were visible', whilst prior to 1913, during the course of excavation, 'the remains of no less than twenty-four of the lipper folk' were exhumed.

There is an ancient hospital Chapel adjacent to the well.