Participatory budgeting

About participatory budgeting

Initially developed in Brazil, participatory budgeting (PB) is recognised internationally as a way for local people to have a direct say in how, and where, public funds can be used to address local requirements. Different PB models exist, although it normally involves members of the community deciding through a voting process how to spend part of the budget of a public agency such as a local authority.

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Troon and villages 'decision days'

Four Decision Days have been held in the Troon and Villages Locality. 109 local groups have received funding to run projects across the locality. The February 2018 Decision Day Marketplace saw 31 groups participate with over 600 people turning out to vote and almost £55,000 of funding awarded.

For more information please email or telephone 01292 559 359.

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Prestwick and villages 'decision days'

Five Decision Days have been held in the Prestwick and Villages Locality to date. Two have been pitching events and three marketplace events. 100 projects have received funding totaling more than £126,000, with 1219 people voting across the 5 events. The criteria for the last 3 Decision Days was aligned to the Prestwick and Villages Locality Planning Group’s key priorities, which include tackling social isolation, promoting positive mental wellbeing, access to services and opportunities for young people. Evaluations are now being collated from the 2016/17 events and will be used to inform planning moving forward.

For more information please email or telephone 01292 559 359.

The latest Decision Day was held in Prestwick Academy on Saturday 10th March. 30 groups participated, with 25 groups receiving funding. Almost 500 people came along to vote.

Ayr North and villages 'decision days'

Ayr South and Coylton 'decision days'