Payments to A Claimant's Bank Account

If you are awarded Council Tax Benefit, South Ayrshire Council will pay this into your Council Tax account.

If you are a Council tenant, South Ayrshire Council will pay any Housing Benefit you are awarded into your rent account.

If you are a tenant of a Housing Association, South Ayrshire Council will normally pay your benefit direct to your Housing Association.

However, if you are awarded Housing Benefit, or after April 2008 Local Housing Allowance, but you are not a Council or Housing Association tenant, South Ayrshire Council will soon be able to pay your money direct into your bank account, rather than by cheque.

We will be requiring claimants in future to accept payments in this manner. This will mean that your Housing Benefit or Local Housing Allowance will be in your own account on the day that it is paid and this will eliminate the requirement to wait several days until your cheque is cleared.

As this will be the normal method of payment for Housing Benefit and/or Local Housing Allowance to private sector tenants in future, please provide your bank details in the form below. Please return the completed form at your earliest opportunity and we will arrange for the payment method to be changed in due course.

Please note that we cannot make payments into Post Office card accounts.

If you do not currently have a bank or building society account, please contact one of the local banks or building societies for advice. There are branches of all major banks and building societies throughout South Ayrshire.

MS Word Form to request Housing Benefit Payments Direct to Bank Accounts (33KB)

Please return your completed form either to your local Benefits office or post it to:

Benefit Services
South Ayrshire Council
PO Box 31