Public processions

Public processions, marches and parades are all licensed by the local authorities who work closely with Police Scotland to ensure that these events are organised in a safe manner and cause minimal disruption and inconvenience.

Following a review by the Scottish Government, the rules governing public processions, marches and parades have been changed and organisers of public processions, marches and parades must give the Council at least 28 days notice of an intention to hold a public procession rather than the previous 7 days.

To ensure that communities are aware of public processions, marches and parades in their area, the Licensing Section will publish details of all applications on the South Ayrshire website. These details are also forwarded to all organisations on the Council's opt-in list. Details of public processions applied for after the 1st April 2007 can be viewed below.

Most public processions, marches and parades held within South Ayrshire are traditional, annual events that usually pass without incident. If, however, you wish to comment on a parade which is planned in your area, you can do so in writing to the address shown on this page at least two weeks before the public procession is due to take place.

Please complete the Notice and Risk Assessment of Proposal to Hold a Public Procession form if holding a March, Parade or Public Procession. You must also agree and adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Processions Pending

OrganisationTownProposed Date
1st Troon Boys' BrigadeTroon 15/03/2020
The Boys' Brigade - Ayr BattalionTroon 26/04/2020
Apprentice Boys of Derry Maybole Walker ClubMaybole 06/06/2020
1st Troon Boys' BrigadeTroon 04/10/2020

Processions Approved

OrganisationTownProposed Date
Alloway Parish ChurchAyr 01/03/2020
1st Troon Boys' BrigadeTroon 23/02/2020
Dundonald Christmas LightsDundonald 01/12/2019
Ayrshire Cancer SupportAyr 17/11/2019
Troon WintertainmentTroon 17/11/2019
1371 Air Cadets (Girvan) SquadronGirvan 10/11/2019
31st Loans ScoutsLoans 10/11/2019
48th Ayrshire Scouts/1st Dundonald Boys BrigadeDundonald 10/11/2019
Alexander Keir Memorial District 34Ayr 10/11/2019
Alloway Parish ChurchAyr 10/11/2019
Ballantrae Scout Group (2nd Ayrshire)Ballantrae 10/11/2019
Royal British LegionMaybole 10/11/2019
South Ayrshire CouncilAyr 10/11/2019
The Royal British Legion Scotland: Troon BranchTroon 10/11/2019
Troon Blackrock Pipe Band ( Ayr Ex-Services Club)Ayr 10/11/2019
Prestwick Promenade Celebrations AKA Love PrestwickPrestwick 09/11/2019
University of the West of ScotlandTroon 05/11/2019
Carrick Rural Arts GroupGirvan 02/11/2019
Ayr Festivals SCIOAyr 27/10/2019
1st Dundonald Boys' BrigadeDundonald 13/10/2019
Ayrshire CollegeAyr 11/10/2019
1st Troon Boys BrigadeTroon 06/10/2019
1st Troon Boys BrigadeTroon 06/10/2019
Apprentice Boys of Derry Maybole Walker ClubMaybole 05/10/2019
RBP 827Ayr 10/08/2019
Dundonald Games SocietyDundonald 03/08/2019
Prestwick Promenade CelebrationsPrestwick 03/08/2019
All Under One Banner (AUOB)Ayr 06/07/2019
Carsons True Blues LOL 134Ayr 29/06/2019
Daughters of Ruth LLOL 220Annbank and Mossblown 29/06/2019
University of West of ScotlandTroon 28/06/2019
Maybole Community AssociationMaybole 08/06/2019
Royal British Legion Women's Section Ayrshire AreaAyr 08/06/2019
Apprentice Boys of DerryAyr 01/06/2019
Apprentice Boys of Derry Maybole Walker ClubMaybole 01/06/2019
Kirkmichael Kids and Community GroupKirkmichael 25/05/2019
Coylton Community Village GalaCoylton 18/05/2019
Symington Gala CommitteeSymington 18/05/2019
The Boys' Brigade - Ayr BattalionPrestwick 05/05/2019
Provincial Grand Lodge of AyrshireTarbolton 28/04/2019
Apprentice Boys of Derry Maybole Walker ClubMaybole 06/04/2019
Alloway District Joint Youth OrganisationsAyr 03/03/2019
1st Troon Boys BrigadeTroon 24/02/2019
1st Troon Boys BrigadeTroon 27/01/2019
Maybole Christmas Lights CommitteeMaybole 30/11/2018
Dundonald Christmas LightsDundonald 25/11/2018
Ayrshire Cancer SupportAyr 18/11/2018
Prestwick Business AssociationPrestwick 18/11/2018
Troon WintertainmentTroon 18/11/2018
1371 Girvan Squadron Air Training CorpGirvan 11/11/2018
1st Dundonald Boys' Brigade / 48th Ayrshire ScoutsDundonald 11/11/2018
31st Loans ScoutsLoans 11/11/2018
Alloway Youth OrganisationsAyr 11/11/2018
Ballantrae Scout Group (2nd Ayrshire)Ballantrae 11/11/2018
Royal British LegionMaybole 11/11/2018
South Ayrshire CouncilAyr 11/11/2018
The Royal British Legion Scotland: Troon BranchTroon 11/11/2018
Carrick Rural Arts GroupGirvan 03/11/2018
Day O' the DeidAyr 28/10/2018
Apprentice Boys of Derry Maybole Walker ClubMaybole 20/10/2018
1st Dundonald Boys' BrigadeDundonald 14/10/2018
Ayrshire CollegeAyr 12/10/2018
1st Troon Boys' BrigadeTroon 07/10/2018
2ScotsAyr 05/10/2018
Live at Troon Music FestivalTroon 09/09/2018
Dundonald Games SocietyDundonald 11/08/2018
Prestwick Promenade CelebrationsPrestwick 11/08/2018
RBP 827Ayr 11/08/2018
Annbank Orange Lodge No.250Mossblown, Annbank, Tarbolton 30/06/2018
Carson's True Blues LOL 134Ayr 30/06/2018
University of the West of ScotlandTroon 29/06/2018
Annbank Tenants & Residents AssociationAnnbank 16/06/2018
Coylton Gala DayCoylton 16/06/2018
Maybole Community AssociationMaybole 09/06/2018
Apprentice Boys of DerryAyr 02/06/2018
Crosshill Community AssociationCrosshill 02/06/2018
Kirkmichael Kids and CommunityKirkmichael 26/05/2018
Symington Gala CommitteeSymington 19/05/2018
The Boys' Brigade - Ayr BattalionGirvan 29/04/2018
East Ayrshire Battalion, Dundonald Boys' BrigadeDundonald 18/03/2018
1st Alloway Boys' Brigade Company, 100th Scouts Pack, 1st - 4th Alloway Guide PacksAyr 04/03/2018
1st Troon Boys' BrigadeTroon 25/02/2018
1st Troon Boys' BrigadeTroon 28/01/2018
Carrick Rural Arts GroupGirvan 31/12/2017
Maybole Community AssociationMaybole 01/12/2017
Dundonald Christmas LightsDundonald 26/11/2017
Ayrshire CollegeAyr 24/11/2017
Ayrshire Cancer SupportAyr 19/11/2017
Prestwick Business AssociationPrestwick 19/11/2017
Troon WintertainmentTroon 19/11/2017
1st Alloway BB Coy, 100th Scout Pack, 3 Guides packsAyr 12/11/2017
31st Loans ScoutsLoans 12/11/2017
Ballantrae ScoutsBallantrae 12/11/2017
Girvan Air Training Corp (Air Cadets)Girvan 12/11/2017
Lone Piper from Dundonald Boys BrigadeDundonald 12/11/2017
Maybole Branch RBLSMaybole 12/11/2017
South Ayrshire CouncilAyr 12/11/2017
The Royal British Legion Scotland: Troon BranchTroon 12/11/2017
University of the West of ScotlandTroon 07/11/2017
1st Dundonald Boys' BrigadeDundonald 29/10/2017
Ayr Festivals SCIO - Tamfest Day of Dead ProcessionAyr 29/10/2017
Carrick Rural Arts GroupGirvan 21/10/2017
1st Troon Boys' BrigadeTroon 01/10/2017
Live @ Troon Music FestivalTroon 10/09/2017
The Scottish International AirshowAyr 02/09/2017
Straiton Fun Day CommitteeStraiton 26/08/2017
Prestwick Promenade Celebrations CommitteePrestwick 12/08/2017
RBPAyr 12/08/2017
Dundonald Games SocietyDundonald 05/08/2017
University of the West of ScotlandTroon 07/07/2017
Annbank Rising Star LOL 250Annbank /Mossblown/Tarbolton 01/07/2017
Carsons True Blues LOL 134Ayr 01/07/2017
Coylton Community GalaCoylton 24/06/2017
South Ayrshire CouncilAyr 11/06/2017
Annbank Tenants & Residents AssociationAnnbank 10/06/2017
Maybole Community AssociationMaybole 10/06/2017
Symington Gala CommitteeSymington 10/06/2017
Maybole Pipe BandKirkmichael 27/05/2017
ABOD Ayr Walker ClubAyr 20/05/2017
Ayrshire Cancer SupportAyr 30/04/2017
RBP 827Ayr 30/04/2017
The Boys' Brigade - Ayr BattalionAyr 30/04/2017
Maybole Community CouncilMaybole 25/03/2017
1st Troon Boys' BrigadeTroon 12/03/2017
Alloway Youth OrganisationAyr 05/03/2017
1st Troon Boys' BrigadeTroon 26/02/2017
Dundonald Christmas LightsDundonald 27/11/2016
Girvan Christmas Street PartyGirvan 27/11/2016
RNLI FundraisingTroon 27/11/2016
Ayrshire CollegeAyr 25/11/2016
Maybole Community AssociationMaybole 25/11/2016
Ayrshire Cancer SupportAyr 20/11/2016
Prestwick Business AssociationPrestwick 20/11/2016
Troon Community Council WintertainmentTroon 20/11/2016
1st Dundonald Boys' Brigade/48th Ayrshire ScoutsDundonald 13/11/2016
31st Loans ScoutsLoans 13/11/2016
Alloway Youth OrganisationsAyr 13/11/2016
Ayr Ex Services ClubAyr 13/11/2016
Ballantrae ScoutsBallantrae 13/11/2016
Bishop Burnett Memorial LOL 3Prestwick 13/11/2016
Girvan Air CadetsGirvan 13/11/2016
Royal British Legion Scotland Maybole BranchMaybole 13/11/2016
South Ayrshire CouncilAyr 13/11/2016
The Royal British Legion Scotland : Troon BranchTroon 13/11/2016
Apprentice Boys of Derry Maybole Walker ClubMaybole 12/11/2016
University of the West of ScotlandAyr 08/11/2016
1st Dundonald Boys' BrigadeDundonald 30/10/2016
Ayr Town Centre Steering Group - Tamfest Day of Day of Dead ProcessionAyr 30/10/2016
Carrick Rural Arts GroupGirvan 22/10/2016
The Boys Brigade 1st Troon CompanyTroon 02/10/2016
The Apprentice Boys of DerryAyr 01/10/2016
Live @ Troon Music FestivalTroon 11/09/2016
Ayr Gaiety PartnershipAyr 10/09/2016
Prestwick Promenade CelebrationsPrestwick 13/08/2016
RBP 827Ayr 13/08/2016
Dundonald Games SocietyDundonald 06/08/2016
Ballantrae Development Group (Smugglers Festival)Ballantrae 05/08/2016
Annbank Tenants & Residents AssociationAnnbank 09/07/2016
Ayrshire Vintage Commercial Vehicle GroupAyr 09/07/2016
Ballantrae Community AssociationBallantrae 01/07/2016
University of the West of ScotlandAyr 01/07/2016
Girvan GalaGirvan 26/06/2016
Save Malcolm Sargent House CommitteePrestwick 26/06/2016
Annbank Rising Star LOL 250Annbank and Mossblown 25/06/2016
Carsons True Blues LOL 134Ayr 25/06/2016
Dailly Gala GroupDailly 25/06/2016
St. Patrick's Picnic GroupAyr 19/06/2016
Coylton Gala Day CommitteeCoylton 11/06/2016
Maybole Community AssociationMaybole 11/06/2016
Symington Gala CommitteeSymington 06/06/2016
Apprentice Boys of Derry Ayr Walker BranchAyr 28/05/2016
Kirkmichael Parent CouncilKirkmichael 28/05/2016
Crosshill Community AssociationCrosshill 21/05/2016
Alloway Youth OrganisationsAyr 24/04/2016
The Boys' Brigade - Ayr BattalionAyr 24/04/2016
Apprentice Boys of Derry Maybole Walker ClubMaybole 09/04/2016
1st Troon Boys' BrigadeTroon 20/03/2016
1st Troon Boys' BrigadeTroon 07/02/2016
University of the West of ScotlandAyr 01/12/2015
Dundonald Christmas Lights CommitteeDundonald 29/11/2015
Girvan Christmas Street PartyGirvan 22/11/2015
Prestwick Business AssociationPrestwick 22/11/2015
Troon WintertainmentTroon 22/11/2015
Ayrshire CollegeAyr 20/11/2015
Ayrshire Cancer SupportAyr 14/11/2015
1371 (Girvan) Squadron Air Training CorpGirvan 08/11/2015
31st Loans ScoutsLoans 08/11/2015
Alloway Youth OrganisationsAyr 08/11/2015
Ayr Ex-Services ClubAyr 08/11/2015
Ballantrae ScoutsBallantrae 08/11/2015
Lone Piper from Dundonald Boys BrigadeDundonald 08/11/2015
Royal British Legion Scotland MayboleMaybole 08/11/2015
South Ayrshire CouncilAyr 08/11/2015
The Royal British Legion : Troon BranchAyr 08/11/2015
Tam O'Shanter Re-enactmentAyr 31/10/2015
Carrick Rural Arts GroupGirvan 24/10/2015
1st Dundonald Boys' BrigadeDundonald 04/10/2015
1st Troon Boys' BrigadeTroon 04/10/2015
Ayr Protestant Boys Flute BandAyr 26/09/2015
Apprentice Boys of Derry Maybole Walker ClubMaybole 19/09/2015
Apprentice Boys of Derry Maybole Walker ClubMaybole 19/09/2015
Live@Troon Music FestivalTroon 04/09/2015
Straiton Fun Day CommitteeStraiton 29/08/2015
Prestwick Promenade CelebrationsPrestwick 15/08/2015
Dundonald Games SocietyDundonald 08/08/2015
RBP 827Ayr 08/08/2015
Royal Black Preceptory No.705Prestwick 08/08/2015
Ayrshire Commercial Vintage Vehicle ClubAyr 11/07/2015
South Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug PartnershipAyr 11/07/2015
University of the West of ScotlandTroon 03/07/2015
Annbank Rising StarAnnbank, Mossblown, Tarbolton 27/06/2015
Ballantrae Community AssociationBallantrae 27/06/2015
Carsons True Blues LOL 134Ayr 27/06/2015
Coylton Gala DayCoylton 27/06/2015
Maybole Community AssociationMaybole 27/06/2015
Dailly Gala GroupDailly 20/06/2015
Loans Gala CommitteeLoans 13/06/2015
Symington Gala CommitteeSymington 13/06/2015
Crosshill Community AssociationCrosshill 06/06/2015
Prestwick Promenade CelebrationsPrestwick 06/06/2015
Apprentice Boys of DerryAyr 23/05/2015
The Boys' Brigade - Ayr BattalionAyr 26/04/2015
The Salvation Army International Staff BandAyr 28/03/2015
Alloway Youth OrganisationsAyr 22/03/2015
1st Troon Boys' BrigadeTroon 08/03/2015
1st Troon Boys' BrigadeTroon 01/02/2015
Girvan Christmas Street PartyGirvan 05/12/2014
Dundonald Christmas LightsDundonald 30/11/2014
University of the West of ScotlandAyr 28/11/2014
Troon Community CouncilTroon 16/11/2014
Ayr Central and The Cairngorm Reindeer CentreAyr 15/11/2014
Ayrshire Cancer SupportAyr 15/11/2014
1st Dundonald Boys' BrigadeDundonald 09/11/2014
31st Loans ScoutsLoans 09/11/2014
3rd Prestwick GuidesPrestwick 09/11/2014
Alloway Youth OrganisationsAyr 09/11/2014
Ayr Ex-Services ClubAyr 09/11/2014
Ballantrae ScoutsBallantrae 09/11/2014
British Legion MayboleMaybole 09/11/2014
Girvan ATC (Air Training Corp)Girvan 09/11/2014
Royal British Legion Scotland (Troon Branch)Troon 09/11/2014
South Ayrshire CouncilAyr 09/11/2014
Ayrshire CollegeAyr 10/10/2014
1st Dundonald Boys' BrigadeDundonald 05/10/2014
1st Troon Boys' BrigadeTroon 05/10/2014
Apprentice Boys of Derry Maybole Waker ClubMaybole 27/09/2014
Maybole Apprentice Boys of DerryGirvan 27/09/2014
Live@TroonTroon 05/09/2014
Prestwick South Community CouncilPrestwick 30/08/2014
Straiton Fun Day CommitteeStraiton 30/08/2014
Ballantrae Development GroupBallantrae 18/08/2014
Dundonald Games SocietyDundonald 09/08/2014
RBP 827Ayr 09/08/2014
Royal Black PreceptoryPrestwick 09/08/2014
Annbank Tenants & ResidentsAnnbank 12/07/2014
Ayrshire Vintage Commercial Vehicle GroupAyr 12/07/2014
Ballantrae Community AssociationBallantrae 04/07/2014
University of the West of ScotlandAyr 04/07/2014
Annbank Rising Star LOL 250Mossblown, Annbank, Tarbolton 28/06/2014
Carsons True Blues LOL 134Ayr 28/06/2014
Dailly Gala GroupDailly 28/06/2014
Girvan Attractions AssociationGirvan 22/06/2014
County Grand Orange Lodge Juvenile SectionMossblown 21/06/2014
Glasgow 2014 LimitedVarious locations in South Ayrshire 20/06/2014
St Patrick's Picnic GroupAyr 15/06/2014
Coylton Gala DayCoylton 14/06/2014
Loans Gala CommitteeLoans 14/06/2014
Maybole Community AssociationMaybole 14/06/2014
Prestwick Promenade CelebrationsPrestwick 07/06/2014
Symington Gala CommitteeSymington 07/06/2014
Crosshill Community AssociationCrosshill 31/05/2014
Monkton Village Festival GroupMonkton 31/05/2014
Apprentice Boys of DerryAyr 24/05/2014
Queen's Own YeomanryAyr 03/05/2014
The Boys' Brigade - Ayr BattalionCoylton 27/04/2014
1st Troon Boys BrigadeTroon 09/03/2014
Alloway Boys BrigadeAyr 02/03/2014
Apprentice Boys of Derry Maybole Walker Branch ClubGirvan 01/02/2014
Apprentice Boys of Derry Maybole Walker Club BranchMaybole 01/02/2014
1st Troon Boys' BrigadeTroon 26/01/2014

Processions Refused