Scrap Metal Dealers registration

To be a scrap metal dealer operating from premises, you need a premises metal dealer's licence from South Ayrshire Council.

However, a metal dealer's licence is not required by a person who has either an exemption warrant or a temporary exemption warrant. An exemption warrant can be issued by South Ayrshire Council where a certificate from the auditor of the metal dealer's business is produced, which states that, in a financial year within the preceding 18 months, the total amount received by the dealer in respect of metal sold or supplied exceeded £100,000.

A temporary exemption warrant can be issued by South Ayrshire Council, upon application by the metal dealer, where they are satisfied that he has not been carrying on business as a metal dealer.

If a dealer has a temporary exemption warrant, they must only acquire metal from people selling or otherwise disposing of it in the course of trade or business.

A metal dealer's licence will specify the activity which you may engage in and the place where you can carry out your business.

You must not be disqualified from holding a licence, and you must be fit to be the holder of the licence.

The premises or vehicle you use in order to carry out the work must be suitable for that purpose.

You must not have applied for the same licence within the last year, unless there has been a material change in your circumstances since your last application.

How to apply

The links below take you to another website which processes these applications on behalf of South Ayrshire Council

What happens next?

Before considering an application South Ayrshire Council must have received all the required supporting documentation before the application is considered lodged.

South Ayrshire Council will:

  • send a copy of the application to the Chief Constable
  • place a notice in at least one local or national newspaper which states the premises and applicant details contained in the application, that any objections or representations may be made to South Ayrshire Council, and how such representations should be made
  • keep a register of applications in which they will enter the details of the receipt of the application, their final decision and reasons for the decision, the details of the terms of each licence granted and a note of any suspension, variation of the terms, or surrender, of a licence

We would expect to process your application within 6 months. If South Ayrshire Council fails to make a decision within 6 months of the application, the licence is held to be granted or renewed.

Will Tacit Consent apply

Yes, where the local authority fails to make a decision within six months of receipt of the application, the licence is deemed to be granted or renewed.

What if I have been refused approval?

Please contact South Ayrshire Council using the contact details below in the first instance.

Within 28 days of the date of the decision to refuse their application, the applicant may require South Ayrshire Council to give the reasons for their decision.

The applicant may appeal to the sheriff against the decision, within 28 days of the decision, as long as they have already followed any available procedure in terms of stating their case to South Ayrshire Council.

The appeal will only be successful if the sheriff considers that South Ayrshire Council, in making their decision, had:

  • erred in law
  • based their decision on an incorrect material fact
  • acted contrary to natural justice
  • exercised their discretion in an unreasonable manner

The applicant may then appeal on a point of law from the sheriff's decision to the Court of Session within 28 days from the date of the sheriff’s decision.

Other complaints

If you wish to complain about a licence holder then please use the contact details below.

Who to contact

Licensing Services
South Ayrshire Council
County Buildings
Wellington Square
Ayr KA7 1DR
Tel: 01292 617682

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