South Ayrshire Mobile Library Service

Image of the Mobile Library

South Ayrshire Council operates a mobile library service in areas not directly served by a branch library. This covers a large rural area as well as villages and schools. It carries a comprehensive selection of material representative of the stock held throughout the service including children's books, talking books, fiction, non-fiction and large print. We are open to new library members, and also accept requests and returns from other South Ayrshire libraries.

The mobile library also visits care homes, retirement flats and sheltered housing complexes and provides a home delivery service for people who are housebound or unable to visit their local library.

The mobile library has a side-lift fitted to allow for disabled or infirm users.

Access this service

If you would like to arrange a regular visit from the mobile library or you know someone who would benefit from this service, please contact or telephone 01292 286385 to discuss your needs.