Additional services

Photocopy service

All of our libraries except for Ballantrae Library are equipped with colour photocopiers. The following charges apply to photocopying and computer print outs for personal use and / or study purposes.

Charges for Photocopying and Printing
ANYTHING with colour on it  
A4 or A3 £0.40 per sheet
JUST black and white  
A4 or A3 £0.20 per sheet

Laminating service

The Cyber Centreat Carnegie library offers a laminating service.

A4 50p per sheet
A3 £1.00 per sheet

Please note:

  1. Users can download material from the internet in accordance with copyright restrictions: under UK law copyright material sent over the internet or stored on web servers will generally be protected in the same way as material in other media. See for more details.
  2. When using the scanning / photocopying facilities users must comply with applicable copyright legislation at all times. The Office of Public Sector Information provides copyright guidance which users may find helpful including (1) Guidance - Copying of Birth, Death, Marriage and Civil Partnership Certificates, April 2009 and (2) Guidance – Reproduction of the Front Cover of the British Passport, December 2009. This guidance can be found on the Office of Public Sector Information’s website
  3. Staff at our dedicated IT centre (Cyber Centre, Carnegie Library) are happy to scan documents for you, depending on how busy we are at the time (a charge may apply). Any documents that we scan can either be emailed to your email address or saved onto your USB. All USBs will be virus checked before use. We cannot email any documents to a third party on your behalf. Copyright legislation will apply.
  4. There are also copyright restrictions relating to the scanning / photocopying of books, journals and magazines. If you are in any doubt about copyright limitations, ask a member of library staff, but you should generally follow by these rules:
    • Scanning a copy of complete works is prohibited
    • Small extracts can be scanned/copied for the purpose of private study (one chapter, or 5%, whichever is the smaller amount)
    • Only a single copy of a given page can be made
    • No more than one article per journal/magazine issue may be copied