Let Ayr Shine

South Ayrshire Council and Ayr Renaissance are encouraging local residents and visitors to Ayr town centre to help Let Ayr Shine as part of an exciting pilot project.

Let Ayr Shine is a new civic pride campaign, designed to encourage people to take responsibility and pride in their town and reflect that in their behaviour.

The Campaign

Let Ayr Shine

The campaign was focused around the town centre streets of Alloway Street, Miller Road, Smith Street, Kyle Street, Burns Statue Square, High Street, Nile Court, Carrick Street, Newmarket Street, Sandgate, Kirkport, Old Bridge Street, Nile Bridge, Fullarton Street and Arthur Street.

The Let Ayr Shine pilot civic pride campaign, which ran from 8-22 August, has put some extra sparkle back in to Ayr town centre thanks to the hard work of South Ayrshire Council and Ayr Renaissance, together with fantastic support from residents and businesses. The pilot focused around a number of town centre streets which were selected after taking into account improvements that were requested by locals, businesses and visitors to the town. The Let Ayr Shine team worked tirelessly throughout the two weeks to make a difference to the town centre:

  • 117 bollards, 262 rubbish bins, 15 bike racks, 8 light lanterns, 6 walkway railings and the clock at Burns Statue Square were powerwashed and painted;
  • all high level vegetation within the town centre was removed, which spruced up landmark buildings such as Ayr Town Hall, Wallace Tower and St John’s Tower;
  • all accessible flyposting and graffiti was removed;
  • community support workers and environmental health officers carried out extra patrols, with five enforcement notices issued for litter offences;
  • areas of concern near bus stops, food outlets and with excessive bird droppings were powerwashed;
  • new slates were fitted to the roof of St John’s tower;
  • two fallen trees were cut up and removed;
  • litter picking squads cleared alleys situated on their main routes;
  • some footpath repair work was carried out; and
  • the entrance doors and windows at Ayr Town Hall were painted and the entrance and foyer areas redecorated.

This was a terrific achievement and thanks to everyone who played their part – all you have to do now is keep up the good work! The intention is that the 'Let Shine' initiative will be rolled out to other town centres in South Ayrshire in the future.