Pitch bookings

From Sunday 27th May – Saturday 4th August 2018, all grass pitches will be shut for essential maintenance, with the exception of the Rozelle Summer Pitch. This pitch is able to be booked at a reduced concession rate as teams will not have access to changing facilities, nets, corner flags or a groundskeeper on site. There are metal goalposts on this pitch.

Pitches are available to let at our sports grounds or schools. School pitches can be booked here.

All teams (with the exception of schools) must pay in advance of play to allow them on a pitch.

Book a sports pitch

Book online
using the Membership ID supplied once registered.

If you are experiencing difficulty booking and/or paying online;

Registered teams can book a maximum of one week and a minimum of 24 hours in advance of day of play.

No team has priority over any particular pitch. All 11-a-side pitches at KGV must be fully booked before accepting bookings for Old Racecourse.

Sports pitches

The sports grounds available for booking:

  • Rozelle Park, Ayr - 1 summer football pitch, 2 rugby [Show on map]
  • KGV (King George V Park), Ayr - 4 football (11-a-side). Nets are supplied on 11-a-side pitches, teams put these up. [Show on map]
  • Old Racecourse, Ayr - 6 football (7-a-side); (2 x 7-a-side reserve pitches), 3 football (11-a-side). On 7-a-side pitches portable posts are used for which there is a returnable deposit if posts are intact. (Payable to Groundsman). Nets are supplied for 11-a-side pitches, teams put these up. [Show on map]
  • Hosiery Park, Troon [Show on map]

Football posts/nets are removed when the football season is over. We have always done this to allow the grass to recover for the next season. A summer pitch is available to book at Rozelle Park.

School pitches

School pitches at our secondary schools can be booked by calling 01292 612655.

School pitches let charges

Regular Lets for Community GroupsCharge (per hour)Charge (per hour) with concession (if applicable)
School Pitches – 3G full Adult £50.00 £37.50
School Pitches  – 3G 2/3 Adult £45.00 £33.75
School Pitches  -3G half Adult £35.00 £26.25
School Pitches  – 3G 1/3 Adult £30.00 £22.50
School Pitches  – 3G full Junior £30.00 £22.50
School Pitches  – 3G 2/3 Junior £25.00 £18.75
School Pitches  -3G half Junior £20.00 £15.00
School Pitches  – 3G 1/3 Junior £15.00 £11.25
School Pitches  – Grass pitch full Adult £32.00 £24.00
School Pitches  – Grass pitch 7-a-side Adult £19.00 £14.25
School Pitches  – Grass pitch full Junior £20.00 £15.00
School Pitches - Grass pitch 7-a-side Junior £14.00 £10.50
Janitor recharge rate £16.00 £12.00
Janitor opening/closing rate £12.50 £9.40