Learn 2... Swim

Swimming lessons FAQ

What age can my child start?

For Adult and Baby/Child classes children can start at any age. Government Health experts now believe that it is now no longer necessary to wait until your child has had all their vaccinations before going into the pool. However we advise 5-6 months and this is due to the temperature of the pool. Please always consult your health visitor if you are unsure.

How long should it take my child to learn to swim?

There is no definite timeline, different children take different amounts of time and find some skills easier to learn than others. If you take your child swimming out-with lessons there is a high probability that they will progress more quickly.

There won’t always be leaps of progress every lesson or every week. It is normal for learning to plateau for periods, even regress at times and surge ahead at others.

Positive encouragement goes a long way in helping your child achieve great progress. Please discuss directly with your teacher should you have any enquiries regarding your child’s progress.

What is likely to happen in lessons?

All children should be having fun. They should be involved in games-based activities to help them learn core swimming skills such as breathing, submerging and moving in the water. The swimming strokes should be introduced gradually once the child has acquired the basic core aquatic skills. Our lessons last around 30 minutes and children should be as active as possible throughout the lesson.

Games are built around key aquatic skills which are progressed over time. Travelling through the water without these essential skills slows down the overall process of learning to swim.

Why is my child playing Games in a Swimming Lesson?

'Learning through play' is fundamental to the Scottish Swimming Framework so there'll be plenty of fun activities and games in the pool to keep swimming interesting for your child whilst teaching them a variety of skills. The activities are planned by the teacher and will ensure the children are challenged in different ways and are linked to the core aquatic skills which essential for learning more complex skills.

My child has a disability. Can they take part?

Of course. Lessons can be adapted as necessary to help all children achieve their potential. If your child has specific needs, please discuss this with our front line reception who will be able to advise you appropriately.

What Can I do to help my child?

The earlier that a child becomes familiar with the aquatic environment and being in and around water the better. Even if you are not a strong swimmer just taking your child to the pool and playing and having fun in the water will help them develop their confidence and enjoy the positive experiences that the water can bring them.

In the home, encourage your child to have a bath and play in the water. Encourage them to get their hair wet and introduce them to putting their face in the water. Scottish Swimming have an Early Years bag with toys and activity cards to provide you with ideas for the bath and pool.

Can my child wear jewellery to swimming lessons?

All children should have jewellery removed for swimming lessons but in the event they have recently had ears pierced we require these to be taped for the entire lesson or use of a swim cap.

What should my child wear?

Children should wear appropriate swimwear. Baggy shorts below the knee and t-shirts hinder a child’s swimming and can become dangerous in the water.

Why does my child swim in such a small area?

Within our Learn 2 Swim programme we are aiming to achieve good technique across shorter distances decreasing the chances of picking up bad habits and poor technique . Teachers within this smaller area are able to see all children and keep full control of the class, while giving essential on-going corrections. Children also benefit from repetition, improved instruction, ability to hear and see clear demonstrations and progress distance gradually.

My class has been cancelled will I get a refund?

If this has been a scheduled closure of facility and notice has been given no refund will be permitted as per your terms and conditions. In the event of a closure where we are unable to give you sufficient notice a refund for that lesson will be deducted from your next monthly payment.

As part of our Learn 2 Direct Debit system this provides each user with a minimum of 45 lessons per year although we run 50 weeks of the year (ultimately giving 4-5 free lessons).

My child’s portal has not been updated who do I contact?

Firstly your class teacher will be able to answer this quickly at your next lesson however should you continue to have any issues please contact mailto:sportsdevelopment@south-ayrshire.gov.uk

I want to discuss my child’s progress in more detail with his/her teacher?

Feedback and Enquiry forms are available at all of our sites via reception. Teaching staff will be more than happy to make contact out-with your lesson time.

Please note this is not possible during prior to your lesson or during as the teacher is responsible for many other children.