Learn 2... Gymnastics

Gymnastics Classes FAQ

What age can my child start?

For our Pre-School classes children can start at 18 months. For our Learn 2 general classes your child can start when they are aged 5 or if they have started school.

What is likely to happen in lessons?

All children should be having fun. They will be involved in games-based warm up’s and will be introduced gradually to progressions for gymnastics skills. Repetition of skills is essential in order to learn and all skills will be progressive and appropriate for your child’s ability and age.

My child has a disability. Can they take part?

Of course. Lessons can be adapted as necessary to help all children achieve their potential and it is essential your coach knows if your child has specific needs, please discuss them with your coach.

What should my child wear?

Non-slip rubber soled socks or gymnastics slippers are essential if your child has a verruca.

South Ayrshire leotards may be purchased although these are not compulsory (please ask your class Coach for details). You can also wear a leotard of your own choice.

We do not recommend wear crop tops which can ride up.

What To Bring

Your child should bring a bottle of water. It is also essential that they bring any medical equipment (such as inhalers for asthma) with them. Snacks are not necessary unless our child is attending for 2 hours or more. Fruit would be the best choice.

What Not to Bring

Jewellery, watches and any valuable objects should be left at home. Please ensure long hair is tied back.

I want to discuss my child’s progress in more detail with his/her coach?

Feedback and Enquiry forms are available at all of our sites via reception. Coaching staff will be more than happy to make contact at the end of your class time.

When will my child be assessed?

We aim to assess your child’s progress every 6-8 weeks approximately.