Learn 2... Gymnastics

About Learn 2 Gymnastics

Pre-school gymnastics

South Ayrshire Council’s fun gymnastics programme for pre-school toddlers from walking to 4 years is a first introduction to our gymnastics programme. Sessions aim to develop language and listening skills through action songs and play, help improve hand/eye co-ordination and fine motor skills by using various types of hand apparatus. Children have the opportunity to work on their climbing, jumping, balancing and rolling skills. Our classes are designed to stimulate your child's imagination, create opportunities and give them a head start in physical and emotional development and social interaction skills through group games and activities.

General gymnastics

General gymnasts will cater for all abilities from Primary 1 upwards, introducing new gymnastics skill levels, ranging from beginners through to development level participants. Gymnasts who attend these classes will be given the opportunity to progress through the Scottish Gymnastics Association Proficiency Badge Schemes and will be have continuous assessments across the year for improved progression through the levels.

Gymnastics is a sport that children can begin at a young age and continue through their teen years. Some will have the ability to become competitive gymnasts while most will participate because they enjoy learning and developing new skills. Gymnastics is identified as a foundation sport for all sports and will increase strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination and social skills.

To make the process simpler for parents the old system of paying in ten-week blocks is being replaced with a new monthly direct debit scheme.

Benefits of Learn 2 membership

  • Scottish Gymnastics Award Scheme with ongoing assessments
  • All classes led by fully qualified Gymnastics Coaches with regular coach education opportunities delivered in in partnership with British and Scottish Gymnastics
  • Free entry to annual gymnastics display
  • Online access to review progress/achievement and to manage your account
  • Introduction to beginner Floor and Vault Competitions from skills 2 levels
  • Free junior swim for gymnastics participants* in all South Ayrshire Council swimming pools

*Under 8’s must be accompanied by an adult & normal admission applies for all adults.


General enquiries:
Email: leisure.bookings@south-ayrshire.gov.uk
Tel: 01292 269 793

Email: sportsdevelopment@south-ayrshire.gov.uk
Tel: 01292 612 391