Schools Out Sign Up

If you haven’t registered your child or children for online booking for the Schools Out programme you can do that here.

Online registration is free. You can register up to 4 children using this form. Once registered you will be sent a PIN for each child. Then you can use our online facilities to book and pay for each child.

A member of our team will get back you within three working days to give you a PIN for each child. Each child you register on the form below will use the email you provide.

Parent details

This email is used for each child you register

Child/childrens details

Data protection

Your information may be used by South Ayrshire for the purpose of compiling course registers and to confirm and update the Council’s records held for this purpose.

Sending this form confirms that you have read and accepted South Ayrshire Council's Terms and Conditions.

Please note you will not be able to log in and use the online booking system until we have issued you with a PIN.