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Our council

South Ayrshire Council serves a population of 112,000 residents. The council is the biggest employer in the area with 5,200 employees who deliver a diverse range of services to the public.

The elected members who represent the eight electoral wards, are an integral and vital part of the running of the council. Elected members have the authority for policy decision making on all aspects of local government services for which South Ayrshire Council is responsible.

The current administration, elected in May 2017, is a partnership administration of SNP, Labour and Independents. The current administration comprises 28 elected members – 12 Conservatives, 9 SNP, 5 Labour and 2 Independents.

The Council is managed through the panel process. Elected members attend panels throughout the Council’s cycle of formal meetings. Throughout this process, elected members make decisions about the strategic direction of individual Council services. Elected members also attend full meetings of South Ayrshire Council held every eight weeks.

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