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How to apply

Our jobs are listed on the My Job Scotland recruitment website. All online applications are made through the My Job Scotland website.

All applications will be acknowledged by email.

Recruitment charter

Recruitment process

If you are successful in your application for a position within South Ayrshire Council, you will be invited by e-mail to attend a face to face interview. This may also be accompanied by some other form of assessment, the details of which will also be included within the e-mail.

Competency based interview

At South Ayrshire Council we use competency based interviews as a part of our recruitment process. A competency based interview is one where the candidate is assessed on set of competencies. The questions will be focused on asking the candidate how they responded to situations in the past as this is the most likely indicator of how they will perform in the future. A competency based interview eliminates the possibility of a subjective or biased assessment; instead a method of investigative questioning is used to draw from the candidate what they actually did, said, and thought in a situation.

A competency is defined by ACAS as a behaviour that employees must have, or must acquire, to input into a situation in order to achieve high levels of performance.

Within South Ayrshire Council we have 4 core competencies:

  • Achieving results through personal effectiveness
  • Working with others
  • Customer service excellence
  • Communication

At the interview you will be asked at least one question from each of these core competencies and your answer will be marked against the relevant competency for the level of the position applied for.

Find out more about the Competency Framework for jobs with the Council.

It is important to remember when answering competency based interview questions that you are being asked to provide specific examples that demonstrate how you have used your skills in the past. When providing these examples you may find it useful to structure your answer using the ‘STAR’ approach:

  • Situation – In what context did you show these skills?
  • Task – What was your role or responsibility?
  • Action – What was it that you did?
  • Result – What was the outcome?

Assessment centres

This involves candidates completing a range of activities related to the competencies for the job. Activities could include a teamwork exercise, an in-tray exercise, a case study or preparation and delivery of a presentation (some specific details are provided below). These will normally always be used together with a competency based interview.

Other selection methods

In addition to a competency based interview, the following forms of selection may also be used:

In-Tray exercise

As part of the recruitment process it is common for candidates to be asked to complete an in-tray exercise. This will be a work based scenario that will assess practical aspects of the job, such as problem solving and deciding on the appropriate course of action.

Personality profiles (psychometric tests)

This will take the format of a questionnaire that the candidate will have to complete before the interview. Feedback will be given to the candidate and this will be used in conjunction with other recruitment methods listed here as part of the recruitment and selection process.

Ability Tests

Where the post involves practical skills e.g. word processing or telephone techniques, ability tests will be used.

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