Helping you with debt

Are you struggling to make your re-payments on your loans, credit cards or even your mortgage, have you fallen into arrears? Have you been threatened with the disconnection of your fuel supply or with eviction from your home? The Information and Advice Hub may be able to help.

It can be easy to fall into financial difficulties and we can help to talk you through your options, there are lots of debt solutions available, we will help you identify the ones suitable for you dependant on your personal circumstances.

Frequently asked questions

I have received a Default Notice, it says I have 14 days to pay all my debt and I am panicking – what does this mean?

A Default Notice is a statutory notice that a creditor must serve on you if you owe them money. The purpose is to ensure you are aware you have missed payments to a debt and is to give you 14 days to bring your account back up to date. You should not panic, contact the Information and Advice Hub and we can help you look at your options for dealing with the debt.

I have had an earning arrestment on my wages in relation to Council Tax Debts – can I have this cancelled as they are taking too much?

It is unlikely that this will be lifted if the collection process has reached this stage. If you are making payments to other debts, we may be able to help you reduce these and could negotiate with your creditors on your behalf.

I want to go bankrupt – my friend did and got rid of all her debt?

Bankruptcy known in Scotland as Sequestration is not an easy option and can be a complex process. Every situation is different and it depends on your individual circumstances whether bankruptcy is an option for you or not. If you are working, for example, despite your bankruptcy being awarded, you may still be asked to contribute to your debts. There may be other options that would better suit your needs and the Information and Advice can guide you on the available options.

We know that for many people the impact of COVID 19 may be financial, we will therefore provide as much assistance as possible over the telephone and via email. To speak to one of our advisors please call 0300 123 0900 and ask for the Information and Advice Hub; alternatively you can email us at