Supported care placement

Could you become a supported carer? Supported caring is one way that families and individuals can support young people who are making the transition to independent living.

On average young people in Scotland leave home around the age of 26 but young people who have been in the care system tend to leave the care system at a much younger age.

Supported carers not only provide accommodation to a young person but also provide a range of practical and emotional support allowing the move to independent living to be a more positive and successful experience.

The length of a placement varies depending on the needs of the individual but may last for anything from 6 months to 3 years.

Who can become a supported carer?

Most people can become supported carers. We are looking for ordinary families and individuals in the South Ayrshire area who can offer young people accommodation and support.

I'm interested, what happens now?

It is important that you and your family know what is involved in offering a placement. If you are interested in finding out more about the service a worker from the Council's Family Placement Team will visit you to answer any questions you may have.

Contact us now if you are interested.

Frequently asked questions

Can I still become a supported carer if I’m on benefits?


I have a criminal conviction; does this mean I won’t be able to become a supported carer?

This depends on your criminal offence. An enhanced disclosure check is carried out on all potential adopters and each case is individually taken into consideration.

Are any qualifications needed?

No special qualifications are needed, other than a genuine interest in, and concern for young people. Many of you will find that your own experience of family life will have equipped you to provide a supported care placement.

Why do we need supported carers?

Supported care provides young people with the practical help and support they need to move on to their own accommodation. Adults who provide supported caring placements can offer help with many practical such as budgeting, cooking and maintaining a home. This gives young people more independence but still provides a secure environment and an experienced adult who they can turn to for advice and support.

Can I decide on who I want to support?

Yes. You will always have the opportunity to say no, especially if you feel the needs of the child will not be met or if the match is not appropriate.

How much information about the young person will I receive before deciding?

Your social worker and the child’s social worker will provide you with all the necessary information.

What support do supported carers receive?

All carers have an allocated worker who will be involved throughout each placement. There are regular meetings, reviews and discussions and carers have the opportunity to meet up with other carers to share ideas and information. Carers also have the opportunity to attend any relevant training.

What about expenses?

A weekly allowance of £200.00 is paid to carers to cover costs involved and this is reviewed regularly. Financial arrangements are discussed in full prior to any placement starting.

How long does it take to be approved to become a supported carer?

Approximately 6 months for your initial enquiry

Will I need references?

Yes. You will need to provide three references.

Will my benefits stop if I become a supported carer?

Your benefits could be affected but we can work with you to minimise the impact and make sure you’re making the most of the benefits you are entitled to claim.


If you would like to find out more about supported care, please contact:

Family Placement and Adoption Team

South Ayrshire Council
181 Whitletts Road

Tel: 01292 267675