Home energy efficiency programme

South Ayrshire Council has been awarded £800,000 of Scottish Government funds to improve the energy efficiency of older, hard-to-treat properties that are owned or privately rented. Funds are being targeted at areas prioritised by Energy Company Obligation (ECO) legislation, which reflect the areas most in need.

The areas are:

  1. Whole-street projects where properties are a specific construction. View qualifying postcodes.
  2. Households in bottom 15% Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (Known as Carbon Saving Community Obligation areas. (CSCO) – View qualifying postcodes. View map: Ayr, Girvan
  3. Householders anywhere in South Ayrshire who meet the Affordable Warmth criteria. View qualifying criteria
  4. Rural households off the mains-gas network and in Council tax band A or B. If you don’t know your council tax band, visit www.saa.gov.uk and enter your postcode in the second box down.

The offer

The Scheme will operate a “whole house approach” with wall insulation as the primary measure. This will make sure as much work is done as possible to make each property as energy efficient as possible. Qualifying households, of a typical three bedroom semi-detached size or smaller, can expect to receive Free Solid Wall Insulation, where appropriate. Utility company funding, which varies according to property size, fuel type and circumstances, will be combined with a maximum £6,500 grant from the Scottish Government to fund energy efficiency measures identified during a survey.

View a list of potential measures.

The process

  1. Interested householders must call the Scottish Government Home Energy Scotland Hotline on 0808 808 2282
  2. The householder will be referred to a Green Deal Assessor with our appointed contractor CCG (Scotland) Ltd for a free survey to generate a report that lists suitable energy efficiency measures.
  3. If Green Deal Survey Report indicates that Solid Wall insulation is a recommended measure, qualifying criteria are met and householder wishes to proceed, arrangements are made with appointed installer for work to be done at no cost.
  4. Subject to available funding, other energy efficiency measures may also be installed free of charge.
  5. An independent specialist advisor will be available throughout the process.

In addition, Free Loft and Cavity insulation is available to all households in Council tax bands A and B, regardless of location. Subsidised measures may be available for other householders. Call the Scottish Government Home Energy Scotland Hotline on 0808 808 2282 for further details, or complete and submit an online registration form.

Alternatively, print a summary of the scheme.