Neighbour disputes: making a complaint

Please provide as much information as possible about the problem including incidents, dates, times, witnesses and names of those involved and if Police were called.

We will treat your complaint confidentially. We will not reveal your identity to your neighbour or to anyone else at this stage, unless you wish us to do so.

We will then log your complaint and pass it to the appropriate Investigating Officer who will contact you.

Your complaint will be categorised by the Investigating Officer in line with the Councils Neighbourhood Disputes Policy. The following table shows target timescales for resolving your complaint.

Red9 months
Amber6 months
Green3 months

Please note that it may take longer than indicated above, to deal with your complaint depending on the individual circumstances of the case.

We will write to you confirming we have received your complaint and enclose a Personal Record of Incidents Sheet. You can use this sheet to record any further incidents. It is important that any information entered on this sheet is accurate, as it can be investigated and may be used as evidence should the council proceed to court.

Contact the police

In situations where you feel threatened or are being disturbed by excessive noise, you should contact the Police for advice and assistance. The Police may visit your neighbour and the call will be officially logged.

You may be given an incident number, which you should note and record on your Personal Record of Incidents Sheet. The Police will not disclose your name to your neighbour. You can ask the police not to call at your door after they have visited your neighbour, if you wish to remain anonymous.

IMPORTANT - You should advise your Investigating Officer, each time the Police are called. If the Police attend at night (or at the weekend), please advise your Investigating Officer the next working day.

Once the Investigating Officer has reviewed your complaint, gathered evidence and spoken with your neighbour you will be advised of the next course of action.

You will be contacted on a regular basis by a member of staff who will update you on how the case is progressing.