Temporary accommodation

If you are homeless you will be offered temporary accommodation while investigations are made into your application.

If you are unintentionally homeless and have a local connection you will be offered permanent housing. You will be given temporary accommodation until suitable permanent housing is found.

You will be offered the most suitable temporary accommodation which is available to staff on the day of allocation.

You may find that you stay in different types of accommodation before a decision is made on your application or before you get your own permanent Council tenancy. However, your application will be dealt with as quickly as possible and you will be moved through the system as smoothly as possible.

During your interview your Housing Options Officer will ask about any support needs you may have. When you are offered temporary accommodation you will be allocated a support worker. Your support worker will provide practical help and support while in temporary accommodation and settled into permanent accommodation.

Accommodation charges

The charge for temporary accommodation varies depending on the type of accommodation provided. If you are on low pay, receive income support or any other state benefits you may qualify for housing benefit towards the costs.

Housing Benefit

You will be given a housing benefit application form to complete when you are offered temporary accommodation. You can also get advice on your claim from Unified Benefits Services who are based in each area office.

When making a claim you will be asked to supply the following information:

  • Proof of your identity
  • Your National Insurance number
  • Verification of your income and financial resources and that of everyone else over 16 in your household (e.g. original payslips, DSS Benefit books, bank statements etc).

It is important that you make your claim for housing benefit as soon as possible – no later than 3 days from the date of moving into accommodation, and respond to any requests for further information as failure to do so could result in your benefit claim being made ineligible. This would result in you being liable for the full rental charge of the temporary accommodation.