Permanent offers of housing

If you are accepted by the council under the Homeless Act, you will receive one reasonable offer of permanent accommodation. If you refuse this offer you will have to vacate your temporary accommodation and find your own accommodation. South Ayrshire Council will discharge the duty owed to you under the 1987 Act and you will be given a date to vacate your temporary accommodation.

You are entitled to appeal if you feel that it is not a reasonable offer. Your appeal must be made in writing within 21 days of an offer to:

The Homeless Casework Co-ordinator
Housing Options Service
80–88 Kyle Street,
Ayr, KA7 1RZ

If your appeal is unsuccessful you may (need to check about RSL’s) still have the opportunity to accept the offer if you chose to do so or you must move out of their temporary accommodation and find your own accommodation.

If an appeal against an offer is successful, the offer will be withdrawn and the applicant will remain in temporary accommodation until another offer is made.

In making an appeal against an offer of permanent accommodation you have the right to seek independent legal advice.

Where can I be housed?

Homeless applicants will automatically be held for all the neighbourhoods in Ayr town and must then choose a minimum of 2 other letting districts from Kyle, Prestwick, Troon, Maybole, Girvan, North Carrick or South Carrick. You must tell us if there are specific reasons why you cannot be housed in these areas.

We would encourage you to choose as many letting districts as possible to maximize your chances of rehousing within a reasonable period of time. Applicants will be held for all neighbourhoods within these letting districts.

What is a reasonable offer of housing?

To ensure that offers are fair and reasonable where possible:

  • We will take circumstances into account to ensure location is reasonable
  • We won’t house an applicant in an area where they are fleeing violence or harassment
  • We would take into account any medical needs
  • No anti social behaviour
  • Near to amenities and schools if children in the household
  • Near as possible to social support networks and workplace

We would deem it reasonable for applicant to claim they could not live in the area if they could provide:

  • Proof of police involvement
  • Evidence of previous harassment/violence
  • Anti Social Behaviour Orders
  • External agency involvement
  • Place of previous residence that person fleeing from

We will take into account any medical needs of the household.

The Council will endeavour to offer homeless people a genuine choice of accommodation, taking into account all factors and availability of housing stock.

As part of the South Ayrshire Council allocations selection process reasonable preference will be given to applicants assessed as having the greatest level of housing need. Offers of housing will be made on the basis of date of application.

What is determined as ‘reasonable preference’ is a matter of judgement and will be determined by the Divisional Housing Manager, in terms of legislation and good practice guidance.

One offer of permanent housing will be made to unintentionally homeless applicants.
You will be offered permanent accommodation:

  • Which meets our normal letting standards
  • Which is of a size suitable for your household
  • Which takes into account as far as is practically possible any specific needs you or your family may have e.g. medical
  • Which is consistent with the best interests of any children in your household
  • This is free from any threat of violence.

What happens if I refuse an offer?

Before you turn down an offer of permanent accommodation you should discuss it with your housing options officer and/or seek independent housing advice.

By making you a reasonable offer of accommodation the Council will have fulfilled its legal obligation to you. If you refuse the offer made you will have to leave temporary accommodation and find your own accommodation