Attending a homeless interview

Attending a homeless interview is very important. It will give you useful information and advice and should result in you knowing quickly whether you may be entitled to temporary accommodation. You have the right to be accompanied at the interview by a friend, relative or support worker.

In addition to assessing your application, your Housing Options Officer is also responsible for providing you with advice and assistance on any issues relevant to your homelessness. Discussions are private and confidential.

It is very important that you provide the Officer with full details of your circumstances. At the interview you may be asked to provide information to confirm your circumstances. It is important that you provide this information as quickly as possible to ensure your decision is made within the required timescales.


Legal advice

Ayr Housing Advice Centre
1st Floor,
7 York Street, Ayr
Tel: 01292 288111

They can provide legal advice on all housing matters. They also provide an outreach service in Ayr North, Girvan and Maybole.

Local solicitors

A list of local solicitors can be found in the Yellow Pages. Local solicitors with knowledge of housing law can be found by contacting:

The Law Society of Scotland.
26 Drumseugh Gardens, Edinburgh, EH3 7IR, Tel: 0131 226 7411

Shelterline. Tel: 0808 800 444
Can give advice and information on all housing issues.