What goes in your bins

4. Purple lidded bin (glass bottles and jars)

Your purple lidded bin will be collected every six weeks as per your bin collection calendar. Bins should be placed out the night before collection day, however in some town centre areas bins may require to be placed out on the day of collection.

Find out when your bins will get uplifted.

Check your bin collection day

Collections will take place between 5.45am – 2.00pm (Mon-Thur), 5.45am – 1.30pm (Fri). If your bin was not collected please report a missed bin collection.

What goes in my purple lidded bin?

DO put in your purple lidded bin

  • Glass bottles and glass jars from food and drink packaging (including labels)
  • Broken glass bottles and glass jars

DO NOT put in your purple lidded bin (alternative option)

  • Bottle tops/jar lids (plastic, metals and cartons bin)
  • Ceramics - plates, plant pots, etc. (recycling centre as rubble)
  • Corks (non-recycling bin)
  • Drinking glasses (recycling centre as rubble)
  • Light bulbs (retailers or recycling centre)
  • Panes of glass from windows/greenhouses (recycling centre as rubble)
  • Pyrex dishes (recycling centre as rubble)

You can now be fined up to £1,000 for deliberately contaminating your recycling containers.

Please note that only one purple lidded bin per household will be emptied.

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Additional information

If you are unsure whether a certain item can be recycled, please contact the recycling helpline on 0300 123 0900.