What goes in your bins

Green bin (general waste)

If you are using the new system please view our new recycling system section for details of what goes in your bins.

Your green bin will be collected every two weeks, alternating with your blue bin, as per your bin collection calendar. Bins should be placed out the night before collection day, however in some town centre areas bins may require to be placed out on the day of collection.

Find out when your bins will get uplifted.

Check your bin collection day

All bins should be out by 6am on the day of collection. Your bin will be collected between 6.30am and 9.45pm.

What goes in my green bin?

Your green bin is for waste that cannot be recycled, including polystyrene.

Do not place any additional bags next to your green bin.

What if the waste items can't fit in the bin?

You can arrange for bulky household waste to be collected via the special uplift service, please contact 0300 123 0900 for further information. You can also take a wide range of bulky household waste and recyclates to your local Recycling Centre.

Book a Bulky Uplift

Request an additional bin

For households that have six or more people residing in the one house or for householders that have clinical needs, permission may be give for an additional green bin. Each application is individually assessed by the Waste Management department.

Please note that only one green bin per household will be emptied.

Request a bin

Additional information

If you are unsure whether a certain item can be recycled, please contact the recycling helpline on 0300 123 0900.