Partnership news

Annual Performance Report

The Partnership’s Annual Performance Report for 2018-19 has now been published and is available.

The report shows how the Partnership:

  • has worked towards delivering against our strategic priorities;
  • performed in relation to the National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes and the Children’s and Criminal Justice outcomes, as set out by Scottish Government;
  • performed in relation to local measures;
  • performed financially within the reporting year and achieved best value;
  • progressed locality planning arrangements; and
  • performed in inspections carried out by scrutiny bodies.

Social Isolation Strategy 2019 - 2027

The Social Isolation Strategy for South Ayrshire covers the period 2019 - 2027. It has an initial focus on supporting older people who are lonely and/or isolated and has a linked implementation plan setting out activity under the themes:

  • Prevent: Raise awareness and prevent people from becoming chronically socially isolated or experiencing loneliness (primary prevention)
  • Respond: Prevent people from developing chronic social isolation or loneliness. (secondary prevention)
  • Restore: Prevent those who are chronically lonely and socially isolated from experiencing poor social or health outcomes (tertiary prevention)

Adult Carers Strategy 2019 - 2024

The South Ayrshire Integration Joint Board at its meeting on 16th May 2019, approved the new Adult Carers Strategy for the period 2019-2024. The Strategy was developed through discussions with carers, staff and partners including South Ayrshire Carers Centre, Crossroads and the Ayrshire Hospice.

The key strategic themes of the Strategy are:

  • I am recognised and valued in my caring role
  • I am supported in my caring role
  • I am able to take a break from caring and look after my own health
  • I am not defined by my caring role