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South Ayrshire Sensory Strategy

The South Ayrshire Sensory Strategy relates to children, young people, adults and older people with a sensory loss; including their families, friends and supporters. By sensory impairment we mean people affected by sight loss, hearing loss and deaf people. The Sensory Strategy aims to:

  • Reduce avoidable sensory Loss
  • Enable appropriate and timely support when sensory loss occurs
  • Promote and support the independence, participation and inclusion of sensory impaired people of all ages in their local communities

The South Ayrshire’s Sensory strategic themes relate to focused areas of work

1. Connect

Link people into advice, information, practical and emotional support as soon as possible when sight and/or hearing loss occurs.

2. Communication

Support and promote communication in various forms to enable individuals to communicate and make themselves understood.

3. Information

Promote and support the provision of accessible information.

4. Mobility

Support and enable individuals to get out and about independently and safely, using appropriate mobility aids if required.

Support people of all ages with sight and/or hearing loss to develop positive coping strategies, gain or retain independent living skills.

5. Community

Improve access to community-based supports; enable people with sight and/or hearing loss to participate in and contribute to their local communities.

The consultation ended on Saturday 30 November.

If you have any questions about the Sensory Strategy please contact:

Annual Performance Report

The Partnership’s Annual Performance Report for 2018-19 has now been published and is available.

The report shows how the Partnership:

  • has worked towards delivering against our strategic priorities;
  • performed in relation to the National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes and the Children’s and Criminal Justice outcomes, as set out by Scottish Government;
  • performed in relation to local measures;
  • performed financially within the reporting year and achieved best value;
  • progressed locality planning arrangements; and
  • performed in inspections carried out by scrutiny bodies.

Social Isolation Strategy 2019 - 2027

The Social Isolation Strategy for South Ayrshire covers the period 2019 - 2027. It has an initial focus on supporting older people who are lonely and/or isolated and has a linked implementation plan setting out activity under the themes:

  • Prevent: Raise awareness and prevent people from becoming chronically socially isolated or experiencing loneliness (primary prevention)
  • Respond: Prevent people from developing chronic social isolation or loneliness. (secondary prevention)
  • Restore: Prevent those who are chronically lonely and socially isolated from experiencing poor social or health outcomes (tertiary prevention)

Adult Carers Strategy 2019 - 2024

The South Ayrshire Integration Joint Board at its meeting on 16th May 2019, approved the new Adult Carers Strategy for the period 2019-2024. The Strategy was developed through discussions with carers, staff and partners including South Ayrshire Carers Centre, Crossroads and the Ayrshire Hospice.

The key strategic themes of the Strategy are:

  • I am recognised and valued in my caring role
  • I am supported in my caring role
  • I am able to take a break from caring and look after my own health
  • I am not defined by my caring role