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Fitness classes

Let us help you keep fit and get into shape.

Classes can be booked online or by calling the Citadel reception on 01292 269793. Participants may turn up on the day but are not guaranteed a space. These classes take place at the Citadel unless stated otherwise.

Timetable | Prices | Descriptions

Class Location From To
Pilates Studio 9.15am 10am
Weigh to goTroon Concert Hall, Troon9.30am11am
Pilates Studio 10am 10.45am
Tai Chi Conference Room 11am 12noon
Weigh to goStudio1.30pm3pm
Pump RXStudio5pm6pm
Studio CyclingCycle Studio6pm7pm
Yoga Conference Room 5.30pm 7pm
Yoga Conference Room 7pm 8.30pm
Circuits Main Hall 7pm 8pm
Metafit Main Hall 8pm 8.30pm
Functional Training Studio/Gym 7.15am 8am
Studio Cycling & Abs Cycle Studio 8am 8.45am
Yoga Conference Room 9.30am 11am
Weigh to go Studio 10am 11.30am
Pilates Studio 11.45am 12.30pm
Studio Cycling Cycle Studio 12.45pm 1.30pm
Functional Training Studio 1.45pm 2.30pm
Studio Cycling Cycle Studio 5pm 6pm
Studio Cycling Cycle Studio 6pm 7pm
Body Tone Main Hall 6pm 7pm
Pump RX Studio 7pm 8pm
Exercise To Music Main Hall 7pm 8pm
Weigh to go Conference Room 7.15pm 8.45pm
Boot Camp Main Hall 8pm 9pm
Aquafit Flexi Pool 11am 11.45am
Pilates Conference Room 11.30am 12.30pm
Medium Intensity CircuitStudio1pm2pm
Functional TrainingMain Hall1.15pm1.45pm
Functional TrainingStudio5pm6pm
Dru YogaMeeting Room5.30pm7pm
Pump RX Studio 6pm 7pm
Studio Cycling Cycle Studio 6pm 7pm
Aquafit Flexi Pool 7pm 8pm
Studio Cycling Cycle Studio 7pm 8pm
Dru Yoga Meeting Room 7pm 8pm
Circuits Main Hall 7.15pm 8.15pm
Kettlebells Main Hall 8.15pm 9pm
Functional Training Studio/Gym 7.15am 8am
Studio Cycling & Abs Cycle Studio 8am 8.45am
Aquafit Flexi Pool 10.15am 11am
Club Diamonds Studio 1pm 2pm
Yoga Conference Room 2.30pm 4pm
Transform Studio 5pm 6pm
Studio Cycling Cycle Studio 5pm 6pm
Exercise To MusicStudio6pm7pm
BootcampMain Hall6pm7pm
Aquafit (Deep Water) Flexi Pool 7pm 8pm
Metafit Main Hall 7pm 7.30pm
Pump RX Studio 7pm 8pm
Core Training Main Hall 7.30pm 8pm
Aquafit Flexi Pool 8pm 8.45pm
Studio Cycling Cycle Studio 8pm 9pm
Pilates Studio 9.15am 10am
Pilates Studio 10am 10.45am
Studio Cycling Cycle Studi 10am 11am
Exercise To Music Studio 11am 12noon
Studio Cycling Cycle Studio 12.15pm 1pm
Functional Training Studio 1.15pm 2pm
Kettlebells Studio 5pm 5.30pm
Metafit Studio 5.30pm 6pm
Pump RX7pm
Studio Cycling Cycle Studio 7pm 8pm
Studio Cycling Cycle Studio 9am 10am
Studio Barbells Studio 10am 11am
Metafit Studio 11am 11.30am
Teen Fit (age 12-16) Gymnasium 2pm 3.30pm
Kettlebells Studio 9am 10am
Metafit Studio 10am 10.30am
Boxfit Studio 10.30am 11.30am
Teen Fit (age 12-16) Gymnasium 12pm 1.15pm
Teen Fit (age 12-16) Gymnasium 3pm 4.30pm

Please be aware that classes can be changed at short notice so may not appear on our online booking portal we make every effort to keep the class timetable as above but for operational reasons classes may vary.

If you have been prescribed any medication or have been in contact with the doctor please confirm you are able to attend fitness classes and notify the instructor of any medical instabilities you may have.

Prices | Timetable | Descriptions

Activity Price
Classes £5.10
Weigh to go£3.50
OIR Biking £1.40
Pre5 gymnastics £3.70
Netball £3.00
Yoga £5.50
Teenfit £3.50
12-16 Gym/Swim Monthly pass £16.60

All non-member bookings whether it be for a class or an activity will have to be paid for at the time of booking. This can be done in person at the reception or over the phone.

Class descriptions | Timetable | Prices

  • Studio Cycling
    The ultimate low impact cardio work out. The most fun and effective exercise you'll have on a stationary bike.
  • Aerobics
    A friendly class which allows you to work at your own level. A good, fun way to lose a few pounds.
  • Aqua Trim
    Integrating Zumba & Aqua fitness. Aqua Zumba blends it all together, water based workout that’s cardio-conditioning. Body-toning & most of all exhilarating
  • Body Tone
    An uplifting experience, toning up those problem areas. We all know where they are girls!
  • Boot Camp
    Military based, energetic, high intensity, extreme circuit based workout. Notice a difference in your fitness level & body shape within 6 weeks.
  • Functional Training
    A challenging but quick and effective way of increasing your fitness levels, endurance & strength
  • Club Diamonds
    A fun keep fit class for the over 60's meet friends and keep active.
  • ETM (Exercise To Music)
    Work off those calories. 20mins Aerobic Activity, 20mins Step, 20mins Body Conditioning / Abs. What more can a body ask for.
  • Jump FX
    No-nonsense aerobic and interval training designed to accelerate fat loss and maximise fitness gains.
  • Pump FX
    Not to be missed! Studio resistance training using barbells and weights. Quick and effective class. Shape up in record time.
  • Pilates
    Designed to tone, stretch, strengthen and give balance and control over the body.
  • Power Hour
    Cardio class with no impact. Primarily a cardio class with a few minutes of toning at the end. A flotation belt can be used , so swimming is not necessary.
  • Step
    Basic, athletic step routines designed for maximum calorie burn and fitness improvements.
  • Tai Chi
    A unique blend of balance, relaxation and mental concentration aimed to increase the flow of energy in the body.
  • Teen Fit
    A gym based session aimed at achieving a healthier lifestyle. For 12 - 16 year olds
  • Yoga
    The perfect mind and body experience. Excellent for relaxation
  • Weigh to go
    Weigh to go Ayrshire is a weight management programme. Find out more.

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