Active travel initiatives

There are many active travel initiatives that schools can introduce to encourage and promote safer and active travel. Please find some examples listed below, although these are not extensive and schools are encouraged to develop their own.


Wow stands for walk once a week and is a year-round walking promotion scheme. It encourages parents and pupils to walk to school at least once a week throughout the school year. Wow is a simple and effective way to increase walking levels to and from school, as well as highlighting health and wellbeing benefits of active travel.

Pedometer projects

Pedometer projects are designed to encourage pupils to examine how active they are on the school journey and during their own leisure time. These projects also provide ideal cross-curricular elements and can bring together subject elements including Mathematics, English, Science, Geography and more.

Cycle projects

Cycling projects can be varied and introduced at any level. From cycle to school days/weeks to cycle transition runs. The options for promoting and running cycle events are extensive.

Cycle Friendly Schools Award

Cycling Scotland's Cycle Friendly School is a nationally recognised award for all Primary Schools in Scotland who are committed to increasing the number of children cycling to school. The aim is to encourage cycling as part of a whole school culture of cycling to benefit both children's health and their environment and can contribute to Health Promoting School and Eco-School initiatives.

Each stage of the award process is fully supported by Cycling Scotland and the award is accompanied by a number of resources, including lesson plans, and links to cycling training.

Travelling green

Travelling Green is an inter-disciplinary project that promotes and encourages pupils to walk on the school journey. This project covers health, physical activity and road safety and is suitable for P5 and composite P4/5 and P5/6 classes. The project promotes partnership with parents through involvement in target setting and enabling children to become independent road users.