Go Active Schools Award

A go active award is given to schools that make a commitment and take steps to promote active travel.

How does a school become GO ACTIVE?

To become a Go Active school and receive the award status and benefits of being a go active school we ask that the school make a commitment to promoting active travel and specify the following qualifying criteria:

Go Active Award Criteria

The school must:

  • Develop a School Travel Plan
  • Take part in an annual Hands Up Survey
  • Introduce at least one active travel initiative

Benefits/Rewards of being a Go Active School

The benefits to becoming a Go Active school are:

  • Support Eco-schools status
  • Links to Cfe
  • Priority for funding of active travel projects
  • Supports applications for climate change funding or other similar funding pots
  • Recognition through Go Active School Award Status
  • Support with active travel initiatives
  • Supports Road Safety education
  • Recognition from parents and public as being an active health promoting school
  • recognition from parents and the public giving consideration to school journey


  • Pedometers for the school
  • Go Active school certificate
  • Go Active bike shelter decals