School travel FAQs

What if I live too far away?

Why not walk for the last few minutes of your journey? We call it Park 'n' Stride. Get your friends to do the same and you can walk the last part of your journey together.

I get dropped off by someone on their walk to work?

Could you leave the house five or ten minutes earlier and decide on a Park 'n' Stride option with your guardian?

What if I only live five minutes from the school?

The more walking you do, the more benefits you get, but if you live really close to school, it's still worth it and it's even simpler to make the change. Maybe you could call for a friend who lives a little further away?

What if I can't walk every day?

Just walk when you can, and you'll get the benefits.

Have you seen the weather?

Weather is one reason lots of people would rather not walk. But as long as you have the right gear you won't get wet, even if it pours down!

What about bullying?

Safety is the most important thing. Knowing what to do will help you feel more confident when you are on the street. Why not walk with a friend or adult?

Isn't it safer to travel in the car?

There has been a rise in parental concern about personal safety in recent years, and many parents believe that children are safer travelling to school by car. Research shows that the chances of being killed in a road traffic accident are 40 times greater than the risk of being abducted.