Outcomes for the individuals at Girvan Opportunities

  • To be happy
  • To have fun
  • To have a healthy life
  • To have choice & control
  • To be as independent as possible
  • To make a positive contribution
  • To have positive learning experiences
  • To be part of the community
  • To feel safe
  • To have things to do
  • To socialise with friends

Outcomes are measured using a variety of different methods

  • 6 monthly reviews ( progress in relation to talking points)
  • My Action Plan – progress in relation to outcomes
  • “Keys to My Life” One Page Profile
  • Service User & Carer/Family - Service Evaluations
  • Feedback from Annual Open Day
  • Question of the week
  • Service User Groups – Self Advocacy
  • Class Outcome Path

Based on the principles from the Keys to Life strategic outcomes.