Museum Collections

A brief summary of South Ayrshire Council Collections


This is a fairly small collection, which is mainly made up of excavation material including sweepings, potsherds and flint work. There are 2 fine Bronze Age burial urns from Girvan and small collections of Roman and medieval material. The collection is mainly made up of more recent Treasure Trove allocations of local excavation assemblages. There are a few other pieces of local significance, which are stand-alone objects. There is no typological focus to this collection.

Coins, Medals and Tokens


coins This collection is very general, containing mainly examples of British coinage along with a few foreign pieces. The main part of the coin collection is a group of pieces excavated from St John's Tower in Ayr. Most importantly, this includes Scottish coinage from the Seventeenth Century.


medals Medals are mainly presentations for involvement in war or class medals from local schools. There are also a series of medallions caste by Robert Bryden (a local artist). This collection has a local significance.


A collection of Communion tokens includes pieces from churches throughout Scotland, but particularly Ayrshire. Badges and other material are odd individual items, which relate to local events, local people or Royal celebrations.