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The Maclaurin Trust

The Maclaurin Trust is a group of Trustees, which was brought into being following the bequest of Mrs Mary Ellen Maclaurin who died in 1971 to have an Art Gallery or Museum erected within the Royal Burgh of Ayr in memory of her husband, James Henry Maclaurin. After the building of such a place, the Trustees were to apply the rest of the Trust funds towards the upkeep of the gallery/museum and the purchase of items for a museum/gallery collection. It was decided that the adjacent servant quarters and stable block at Rozelle House should be converted into an art gallery in keeping with Mrs Maclaurin's bequest. The Maclaurin Galleries opened in June 1976, and consists of 4 galleries, which are attached via corridors to Rozelle House. The galleries are managed on a daily basis by South Ayrshire Council Officers and a Service Level Agreement between the Maclaurin Trust and the Council.

The Maclaurin Collection

This collection includes paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints acquired by commission or purchased from artists or art dealers. The emphasis is on the modern period, loosely defined as 1900 - 1990. The collection also includes a small body of work from the 19th Century previously in the possession of the owners of Rozelle House. A smaller collection of children's work also exists, being the award winners in the Maclaurin Art Competition.

If you have any enquiries about the Trust's collection or if you would be interested in having an exhibition in the Maclaurin Art Gallery or any workshop programmes please contact the Council's Museums & Galleries Officer in the first instance. All requests for exhibition space are forwarded and decided upon by the Maclaurin Programming committee.


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The Maclaurin Art Gallery

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