Requests for your own personal data under the Data Protection Act

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 does not confer any rights on you as an individual to obtain copies of the information that the Council holds about you personally. However, such personal information (known as 'personal data') is covered by the Data Protection Act.

The Data Protection Act gives living individuals the right to a copy of any personal data held by a public authority about them (subject to exemptions such as where disclosure could prejudice a criminal investigation).

The Data Protection Act allows a fee to be charged, normally up to a maximum of £10 (potentially up to £50 in the case of education records).

It is Council policy to apply the appropriate charge set out in the legislation. A standard £10 fee is applied to most requests. The exception to this is requests for copies of an educational record, where the charge will range from £1 to £50 depending on the number of pages provided.

Requests under the Data Protection Act in relation to a specific issue should be addressed to the Directorate in question.

The Council’s Data Protection Policy recognises that the objective of data protection is to ensure that the rights and freedoms of data subjects are considered in the collection and processing of personal data. The purpose of the Council’s Data Protection Policy is to ensure that the personal data collected and processed by South Ayrshire Council is managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Policy applies to all staff and Elected Members of the Council. Other agencies and individuals working with the Council who have access to personal information held by the Council are also required to comply with this policy.

If you are a current or former Social Work client and wish to see your Social Work file, if you wish to obtain any records held by the Council relating to you, of if you have any general data protection queries, please contact the Council’s Data Protection Service at:

Data Protection Officer
Information Governance Team
Legal & Democratic Services
County Buildings
Wellington Square

Telephone: 01292 612223