Disclosure log - South Ayrshire Integration Joint Board

If you require further information regarding a particular freedom of information enquiry or you are having difficulty finding a document, then please email: foi-ijb@south-ayrshire.gov.uk quoting the reference number where possible.

Date recorded Reference Disclosure information Status
31/10/2016 FOI-IJB/2016/9 Under the freedom of information act, I am writing to formally request the following information: 1. Staff Numbers - Average headcount of permanent and non-permanent staff over the entire 2015/16 financial year or just the headcount as at Thursday, March 31st 2016. Could you provide this information split into staff groups as used within your organisation? 2. Staff Cost – Total staff cost during the 2015/16 financial year split into permanent and non-permanent staff. 3. Agency Hours – Hours worked by agency/locum staff in the 2015/16 financial year split by speciality/grade depending on how you report this within your organisation. 4. Agency Spend – Total amount spent on agency staff in the 2015/16 financial year split into the categories or speciality/grade used by the organisation. 5. Do you use a direct engagement model within your organisation? Direct engagement model means the organisation pays agency staff directly and then pays the agency commission separately. The alternative to this is to pay the agency a lump sum for any work done by agency staff and the Agency in turn pays their own staff. Closed (Exempt)
25/10/2016 FOI-IJB/2016/8 In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, I would be grateful if you could comply with the following request: What is South Ayrshire’s Integrated Joint Board (IJB) budget for the period 2016/2017? What is South Ayrshire’s IJB projected outturn expected to be for the period 2016/2017? Thank you for your assistance. Closed (Provided)
24/05/2016 FOI-IJB/2016/7 As part of the development of the Integration Joint Boards and the development of the Strategic Plans, I believe that each IJB was required to undertake a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment providing a summary of the local population, its health and wellbeing, and variations across the region; levels of poverty and deprivation; the level of need for support and care and how this is expected to change in future; how the resources of the NHS and local authority are currently used and what the current pressures are. Marie Curie is keen to develop services within the local area and having a detailed understanding of the population will help greatly with this. Please could you provide me with a copy of this Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for South Ayrshire or provide a link to where it is publicly available? If you require further information please let me know Closed (Provided)
10/03/2016 FOI-IJB/2016/6 The Members of the Health & Social Integrated Board Name: Title: Contact Details: Address Closed (Provided)
28/01/2016 FOI-IJB/2016/5 Under section 6.2, part 1 of the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 , local authorities are obliged to consult groups or persons with an interest in plans for health and social care integration. Who are the persons or groups South Ayrshire Council has consulted with? Closed (Provided)