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What is fostering?

Within South Ayrshire there is a dedicated Fostering and Adoption Team which undertakes all assessments for Foster Carers and offers a cycle of support to carers when carers are visited every two weeks. There is also a Foster Carer's support Groups which meets every month and is run by carers themselves. South Ayrshire would also expect carers to undertake training to assist them in caring for children placed.

Children requiring foster carers range in age from babies to teenagers and some will live with carers for a short time until they can return to their families, where others may require a longer period of time until they move to a permanent family, through permanent fostering or adoption.

Carers are required to encourage contact with families and to attend various meeting to progress care plans for children. Prospective carers do not require any formal qualifications but must be interested in children, flexible and looking for a challenge.

People from all walks of life can foster. There is no need to be married and employed or have children of your own, but experience of children would be an advantage.

South Ayrshire would welcome enquiries from people of all races, religion or cultures.

Assessment and preparation

When you express an interest in fostering and have had an initial visit from the social worker, you will be invited to attend preparation groups and provided there are no issues, you would progress to a full fostering assessment which should be completed within 6 months from your application. A social worker will visit you at home to carry out the assessment. Confidential enquiries will be made of your local social work department and you will be asked to provide three referees. All applicants need to have a medical examination and any health issues will need to be explored. Smoking and obesity are areas that also need to be explored. Under the current policy carers who smoke will not be offered placements of children under three years of age and this may be subject to review.

Anyone interested in applying to foster will be subject to a Disclosure (Scotland) check to find out if they have a criminal record and to check if they are on the list of people disqualified from working with children. A record of offences will need to be carefully looked into but, apart from some offences against children, will not necessarily rule you out from fostering.

At the end of your assessment, the social worker will present a full report to the agency's Adoption Panel who will consider your application and make a recommendation of your suitability to the agency decision maker. It is the role of the agency decision maker to consider whether or not to approve prospective foster carers and you would be notified in writing of his decision.

Fostering fees and allowances

Age range Weekly payment Foster carer fee Maintenance allowance
0 to 10 years £320.00 £173.00 £147.00
11 to 15 years £350.00 £173.00 £177.00
16 to 18 years £380.00 £173.00 £207.00

If you would like to find out more about fostering, please contact:

Family Placement and Adoption Team

Whitletts Area Centre
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Tel: 01292 267675