Can YOU catch the KILLER?

Where: Dundonald Castle KA2 9HD
When: Saturday 22 June 2019 at 7pm-930pm

Come and join us for a night of murder mystery in the Castle as we hunt for the killer of the 'Long Lost Laird'.

Join a specialised team of 'Ghost Hunters' as we figure out who committed the crime.

"Detectives! You're under cover at possibly the most haunted castle in the whole of Scotland… maybe even the world, and there's a new ghost on the scene. As though it's not spooky enough to have legends of ghosts hiding in the caves below your feet, or the phantom bagpiper who's mournful music haunts the night, or the ethereal maid that stalks the castle, now there are reports of a terrifying screaming spook in a kilt!
Could this be the ghost of a long lost Laird? A team of ghost hunters is here to find out… but when someone shows up mysteriously dead the question is was this a sinister act from a disgruntled spirit, or a cold blooded murder?"

Family Friendly - Recommended Age 8+

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Name: Fiona Kennedy
Tel: 01563851489

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