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Public health funerals

Public health funerals are arranged by the Council for people who have died and have no known relatives to arrange or pay for their funeral, or have relatives who are unable to arrange their funeral.

In these circumstances the Council will make arrangements for the funeral and, where possible, reclaim the costs incurred.

What Service carried out this function?

Public health funerals are dealt with by a number of Environmental Health Officers from the Trading Standards & Environmental Health Service. Where a burial in a common lair is requested we liaise with colleagues in Bereavement Services.

Who do the Council tell?

The Council would not involve any genealogical company, probate specialist or genealogy firms or pass information to any other agency or private company. However, we will contact the NUHU (National Ultimus Haeres Unit) if a person dies without a Will or relative. In such an event the estate is claimed by the Queen’s and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer on behalf of the Crown.

Who carries out the funerals?

Co-operative Funeralcare has agreed to provide a basic public health funeral.

The following table contains details of the public health funerals carried out over the last few years.

Year (financial)CremationsBurialsTotalMaleFemale

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