Complaints about food premises

Report food hygiene problems

The easiest way to make a complaint about a food premises is to use our online form.

Report food hygiene problems

Alternatively you can call 01292 618222 during office hours.

What sort of complaints do you deal with?

The Food Safety Team responds to complaints about food premises and foods that are sold to the public.

Complaints can vary from dirty premises, bad handling practices, foreign material being present within the food, mould growth, food being incorrectly labelled, or the composition of the food being wrong.

How do I make a complaint?

You should contact the Environmental Health Division, Burns House, Burns Statute Square, Ayr KA7 1TU on 01292 618222

When making a complaint that involves a foodstuff, customers should ensure that the food is stored properly to ensure that there is no contamination or deterioration of the food before being analysed or examined.

What happens when I make a complaint?

Complaints are thoroughly investigated and enforcement action may be taken. If the food involved was produced outside our area we will refer the complaint to the Local Authority where the food was produced.

The investigating officer will determine the level of enforcement action. In some cases, reports may be made to the Procurator Fiscal.