Scottish Youth Parliament Election 2013

Ayr constituency

Kai Green (14)

Kai Green

If I am elected as a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament, I will do all in my power to improve the ability of the youth of Ayr to change the town. I believe that, as the future of Ayr, we need to strive to make it a better place before it is too late. We are the youth of Ayr and this town is as much ours as anyone else's.

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Mason Rowan (15)

Mason Rowan

I will do my best to create more opportunities in sports and activities in my area for people of all ages. I will start a campaign that will provide free non-smoking kits for those who want it as smoking is very common, as well as unwanted, in my area. I will work on getting people with few qualifications into college/university schemes to try and give them some form of higher education. I will highlight the image of my area and make it more appealing for businesses and tourists alike. I will create more opportunities for the elderly as opposed to them wasting their money in pubs which is not always a good thing for them. I will try and rebuild the ‘community spirit’ which my area has been lacking in recent years.

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Abbie Hamilton (15)

Abbie Hamilton

I am standing for equality. I am standing for equality in general but I am going to focus on areas that are very relevant to young people, so I am focusing on gender, race, sexuality and mental and physical disabilities. Ever since I was young, I have had an interest in politics and now I am older I am determined to become a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament and make a difference, to let young people have a voice in society.

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Ben Lomako (14)

Ben Lomako

One issue that is important to all young people is their education. If elected, I would bring forward the point of young people all being given the chance and encouragement to become more active. One other issue I would like to raise is the importance of equality and all young people having a fair shot at anything they would like to achieve. These are just a few issues I would bring forward in being elected to the Scottish Youth Parliament. I think solving these issues would be beneficial for young people in our education and everyday life.

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Kirsty McCahill (14)

Kirsty McCahill

I care about the issues relevant to young people. I believe in honesty, equality and diversity and I am driven by the need to make a difference for the young people of Scotland. Being individual is important to me, and every individual counts. I stand as a candidate who will aim to ensure that every young person in South Ayrshire is heard nationally, and equally. I am proud of my country and with your input; we can aim to make it even better – together.

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Chloe Smith (14)

Chloe Smith

I believe that the SYP is an amazing opportunity to stand up and be heard and make changes. Far more time should be given more practice tests and better exam preparation to calm our nerves through special classes. There should be far better technology in classes – how can you have a £24 million secondary school and not one room of 30 computers? Most of all, I strongly believe there should be more dyslexia support and awareness in schools, as most pupils are too afraid to stand up and ask for help themselves!

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Caitlyn McClue (14)

Caitlyn McClue

If I get elected as a MSYP, I will fight for everything that I believe in and also what YOU believe in. I will try my best to make sure your voice is heard and if you have an issues I will always be open to new ideas that I can offer wither they need changing or just need improved upon.

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Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley constituency

Maria McGough (18)

Maria McGough

I am committed to being a voice for young people in South Ayrshire. My many years of experience as Chairperson of South Ayrshire Youth Forum has prepared me to be an effective MSYP, who would listen and take action, while concentrating on my five issues – tackling youth unemployment and providing work experience opportunities for all ages, widening access to the arts for young people from all financial backgrounds and circumstances, increased education on democracy and citizenship to support the votes at 16 campaign, cheaper and more frequent public transport and finally, continued free further education.

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Kate Fleming (16)

Kate Fleming

I would like to be part of the Scottish Youth Parliament because I want to make a difference in my area. People should vote for me because I'm not afraid to stand up and speak out, so I will be willing to stand up and represent your views. I'm easy to talk to so anyone could come to me and tell me what they want changed.

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