Who stood for election

In the European elections, you vote for one of the political parties listed below. Six Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are elected for the electoral region of Scotland.

The parties below are:

  • listed in alphabetical order
  • in the order they appeared on the ballot paper.

The names of the candidates for each party are listed below the party name. The candidate names are numbered to show the order they would be elected from that party, depending on the percentage of the vote that each party receives.

Britain First

  1. James Dowson
  2. John Arthur Randall
  3. Jayda Kaleigh Fransen
  4. Geoffrey Clynch
  5. Margaret Dorothy Clynch
  6. Jane Susan Shepherd

British National Party

  1. Kenneth McDonald
  2. David James Orr
  3. Victoria McKenzie
  4. Angus Jim Matthys
  5. Paul Brandy Stafford
  6. Stacey Jayne Fleming

Conservative Party

  1. Ian Duncan
  2. Belinda Don
  3. Nosheena Mobarik
  4. Jamie Gardiner
  5. Iain McGill
  6. Stuart McIntyre

Labour Party

  1. David Martin
  2. Catherine Stihler
  3. Derek Munn
  4. Katrina Murray
  5. Asim Khan
  6. Kirsty O'Brien

Liberal Democrats

  1. George Lyon
  2. Christine Jardine
  3. Richard John Brodie
  4. Jade Elizabeth Holden
  5. Siobhan Helenor Mathers
  6. Euan Robert Davidson


  1. John Odell Foster
  2. Andrew Elliott
  3. Murdo Maclean
  4. Gail Morrow
  5. Brian Smith
  6. Richard Edward Veitch

Scottish Green Party

  1. Maggie Chapman
  2. Chas Booth
  3. Grace Alice Murray
  4. Alastair Whitelaw
  5. Anne Katherine Thomas
  6. Steen William Parish

Scottish National Party (SNP)

  1. Ian Hudghton
  2. Alyn Smith
  3. Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh
  4. Stephen Gethins
  5. Toni Giugliano
  6. Chris Stephens

UK Independence Party (UKIP)

  1. David Adam Coburn
  2. Kevin Andrew Newton
  3. Otto Inglis
  4. Denise Mary Baykal
  5. Hugh Hatrick
  6. Malcolm George-Eric MacKay