Casting your vote

You can cast your vote at your specific polling station between 7am and 10pm on Thursday 23 May. Details of your polling station will be included on the poll card that will be sent out to you before the election.

You can also vote by post, or by proxy, if you are registered to do so.

In the UK European Parliament election, you have one vote that will be counted to elect all six MEPs for the Scotland electoral region. Votes are cast for either a political party or an individual candidate standing as an independent.

Parties will be listed first on the ballot paper followed by individual candidates, who will also be listed alphabetically.

To cast your vote, you mark one cross (X) against either the party or the individual candidate you wish to vote for. If you put more than one cross on your ballot paper, your vote will be invalid and will not be counted.

A proportional representation voting system is used for the European Parliament and this means MEPs are elected based on the share of votes each party or candidate receives.