European Parliament

The European Parliament represents people living in the 28 member countries of the European Union (EU). It has powers in a range of areas that affect member countries such as animal rights, consumer rights, the environment, international trade, regional economic development, workers' rights.

The UK is represented by 73 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). There are 12 European electoral regions and each region is represented by between three and ten MEPs. The whole of Scotland is designated as one electoral region and we are represented by six MEPs.

The last European Parliament election took place on 22 May 2014. The results were announced on Monday 26 May 2014 in Edinburgh by the Regional Returning Officer for Scotland, Mary Pitcaithly. The next European Parliamentary elections will take place in 2019.

The MEPS serving the Scotland electoral region are:

Seat 1
Ian Hudghton
Scottish National Party
T: 01382 903206

Seat 2
David Martin
Labour Party
Midlothian Innovation Centre, Pentlandfield, Roslin, Midlothian EH25 9RE
T: 0131 440 9040

Seat 3
Ian Duncan
Conservative Party
Scottish Conservative Party, 67 Northumberland Street, Edinburgh EH3 6JG

Seat 4
Alyn Smith
Scottish National Party
Gordon Lamb House, 3 Jackson's Entry, Edinburgh EH8 8PJ
T: 0131 525 8926

Seat 5
Catherine Stihler
Labour Party
Constituency Office, 25 Church Street, Inverkeithing, Fife KY11 1LG

Seat 6
David Coburn
UK Independence Party (UKIP)
103 Ledbury Road, Kensington, London W11 2AQ