Earth Hour 2019

Hundreds of millions of people around the planet take part in WWF’s Earth Hour every year and South Ayrshire Council is very proud to be part of this global event, which now takes place in 154 countries across all 7 continents.

The 60 minutes of darkness gives a graphic demonstration of support for people and wildlife threatened by our changing climate. It shows we are willing to make a choice and fight for our planet.

We want you to join the fight for our world and go beyond the hour, by making a promise to the planet, and following through with that promise! This is a simple change that each of us can make that, collectively, makes a huge difference to the environment on which we all depend.

You can still sign up and make your promise at

Now with a record 3 Local Authority Champion awards and two runner-up award to our name, South Ayrshire Council South Ayrshire Council employees and residents turned out to support the 2019 event.

The success of our previous campaigns, from 2012 through to reports here on 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 is down to the phenomenal support we receive from the public, local businesses and South Ayrshire Council employees.

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Earth Hour 2019 in South Ayrshire

South Ayrshire Council is encouraging people to get involved in this year's Earth Hour. They'll join hundreds of millions of people around the world in turning off lights for an hour, to show support for action on climate change and a more sustainable future.

This year's events, which included switching off floodlighting on many of South Ayrshire's most iconic landmarks took place from 8:30pm Saturday 30 March 2019. The event was supported by employees, partners, and community groups.

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Internally, the Council’s sustainability network, The Green Champions, worked to ensure all our offices switched off and shut down for the event. In past events this has been shown to save up to 10% on energy consumption over a weekend!

In our schools, the fantastic young people working on the Provost’s School Footprint Challenge undertook switch off campaigns and all sorts of awareness raising activities to get their fellow students to reconnect with their planet.

South Ayrshire – Earth Hour Activity 2019

Lighting was switched off at 15 of South Ayrshire’s monuments, including Alloway Kirk, the Auld Brig, Dundonald Castle and Wallace Tower. These, along with the other monuments across the whole of South Ayrshire went dark to show support for action on climate change.

Email and tell us about your switch off and what else you did.

Earth Fair 2019 – Ayr Central

Ayr Central – Saturday 30th March, 12:00 – 16:00

Ayr Central hosted another fantastic Earth Fair this year, with sustainable stalls and crafts. Within the four hours of the event, over 10k people passed through the centre with a number of those engaging with the stalls.

The aim of this year’s event was to illustrate the impact of our actions on the planet and the ways we can join the fight for our world and make a change for the better. We focussed on emissions from our transport and food, and the support our natural environment gives us.

Ayr Central also took the opportunity to distribute 300 free tree saplings to attendees, the planting of which will offset the centres’ carbon emissions for 3 weeks.

Stalls included:

  • Energy Agency
  • Belleisle Rangers
  • RSPB
  • Fairtrade
  • H&M
  • Sustainable arts and craft for Mother’s Day
  • Little Acorns
  • Marine Conservation Society
  • Ayr Active Travel Hub
  • Ecobricks Collection Point
  • The Breast Feeding Network
  • The Cloth Nappy Library
  • Ayr Central


As part of our Earth Hour campaign, we collected Ecobricks from across South Ayrshire. Ecobricks are plastic bottles that are filled with non-recyclable plastic films such as bags or wrappers, then used to build a wide range of structures like benches or planters.

View the Ecobricks guide.

We worked with schools and libraries across South Ayrshire and collected over 60 ecobricks so far. Once all these bricks have been checked and sorted, we will continue our work on this important area.

Earth Hour stories, crafts and songs

Girvan, Maybole, Alloway, Troon, and Carnegie libraries hosted a spellbinding range of events for children this Earth Hour. Ranging from Scottish nature stories and songs in Maybole, Bookbug sessions in Ayr, to crafts and Lego in your PJs in Girvan and Troon, these events help to raise awareness in parents and young people.

Earth Hour at Dundonald Castle

Dundonald Castle supported Earth Hour again in 2019, with a hugely successful litter pick of the local area and an evening event with the Crazy Castle Kids.

Over 50 bags of litter were cleared from the area surrounding Fullarton woods and Dundonald Castle by 30 dedicated volunteers, who wrestled with abandoned bicycles, oil drums, and tree stumps. A further 20 joined in the evening event, taking in the Crazy Castle Kids presentation before heading up to the castle for some beautiful clear skies.

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